The land down under has a lot to offer backpackers and tourists. There are a ton of things to do and attractions to enjoy. Exploring Australia will show you wide open roads, rainforests, beaches that will allow you enjoy sunny days and so on. Dare I also mention snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef? It’s safe to say Australia is every backpacker’s dream. To achieve your goal of backpacking through Australia, we will share some quick tips that areFull Story
  In previous posts, we have discussed car rental companies operating in popular destinations all over the world to aid our readers make the right decision when they travel. In this post, we will review car rentals in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The U.S. Virgin Islands is a chain of Caribbean islands filled with white-sand beaches, reefs and sunny weather. The islands have a lot to offer and are a great vacation destination if you are looking toFull Story
  Despite calls for gender equality and respect for women, it’s no debate that women still face setbacks in business and even in their personal lives due to their gender. We still must applaud the advances we’ve made so far and keep striving for equality in every sphere. As a business woman, sometimes you have to travel alone to pursue leads and close deals so it’s important to be safe while on the road. It’s possible to encounter unsavory charactersFull Story
  Carry-on luggage can be quite helpful when taking a trip. You get exempted from excess luggage fees if that one rogue luggage can pass for a carry-on.  Please note that not every luggage can qualify as carry-on luggage. People have used different types of bags as a carry-on; I have seen school bags, nylon bags, diaper bags turned travel bag, even grocery bags. I suppose if it meets with the airline’s approval, then it can be termed a carry-onFull Story
  In previous posts, we have discussed transport options and even a few must visit places in New York. In this post, our guest writer Erin Collins will be adding more places to the list. See below top must visit places in New York City.     Must visit Places In New York City   Central Park One of the top must-visit places in New York is the Central Park. The experience of walking through the park is exhilarating. Even if you visitFull Story