So, now you have decided on your destination and paid for the plane ticket, what next? Sorting out details of your trip can make or mar your vacation. One important detail of your trip is deciding how you want to spend your money and what kind of travel money to stick with. Making a budget and sticking to it while on the trip will go a long way in helping you manage funds. By sticking to a budget, youFull Story
  Summer is usually known as vacation season. It’s a time to relax and take a break from life. You can decide to vacation alone or as a group. Family vacation is a time to bond with the kids while having fun. Looking for the best summer destinations around the world? This post is for you. Some places might be pricier than others; however, with a little budgeting, I’m sure you can swing it. See below our top summer destinationsFull Story
  Bridges have come to play significant roles in globalization by connecting humans and even cities. These structures have evolved from satisfying the most basic need for transportation to becoming architectural masterpieces. In this post, we will be reviewing amazing bridges all over the world. Amazing Bridges All Over The World   Tower Bridge: London, England This bridge was built over 8 years, beginning from 1886 and has become an iconic symbol of London. It is a combined bascule andFull Story
  As an Uber driver, it is important to keep your car in top shape at all times. Keeping your car neat and tidy will keep customers satisfied and help increase the chances of getting a 5 star rating. You need to maintain certain standards and give the impression of a professional as well to get and keep your 5 star rating as an Uber driver. When driving passengers across your city, you are bound to pick up some dirtFull Story
  Visiting the beautiful country of Portugal is always a delight. With its beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes and quaint architecture, Portugal has enjoyed visits from tourists all over the world. There are tons of places to explore and various things to do in Portugal. Porto, which is listed as a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site due to its architectural legacy, is a popular tourist attraction in Portugal. We will go on to review 5 top things to do in Portugal:Full Story