Taking a vacation can happen around any time of the year. From summer breaks to winter breaks, taking some time off to relax is pretty important. Depending on the kind of break you are going for, you would need to pack accordingly. Perhaps most importantly, decide the city that best suits the holiday you hope to have. If you are looking for some time in the sun, taking a holiday in a country with beautiful beaches should be yourFull Story
  If you think Bali, I want you to imagine beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, volcanoes and amazing landscapes and shores. This city with its rich culture is the destination for soul searching and finding self. It is one of the safest cities to visit. The city of Bali in Indonesia is also our number one honeymoon destination in Asia for most couples who want an out-of-this-world experience. The thrilling experience the island offers is why Bali is the topFull Story
  When you think of Iceland, it’s pretty normal to feel that the entire country will be covered with ice. Well, it’s not. Iceland is very unpredictable with volcanoes, mountains, greenery, waterfalls and lots more. There are a number of things you should know about Iceland and first of which is that the country will surprise you. So make your plans but be flexible enough to adapt to changes you might encounter when you get there. Are you ready? HereFull Story
  The beautiful city of London is a popular tourist destination with lots to offer. London is beautiful place to visit all year round. The city is filled with historic sites, great architecture and amazing landscapes. There are different ways of getting around London. Whether you are visiting London as a tourist or relocating, London is a beautiful city and you can explore it using public transportation or travelling privately. Car rentals in London are quite popular. Top car rentalFull Story
  Visiting the beautiful country of Brazil is always a delight. Imagine tall swaying trees, sweet coconut drinks, beautiful beaches and amazing sights, Sao Paulo Brazil is a beautiful vacation destination. Check out the city’s top attractions including the Municipal Theater, Pinacoteca do Estado, and Sala Sao Paulo. A great way to explore the city is by renting a car and going anywhere you want to on your own schedule. In previous posts, we have discussed the top car rentalFull Story