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10 common travel Mistakes to Avoid


Travelling can be a very exciting experience whether it’s for vacation or business purposes. The thrill of traveling can however be cut off abruptly when confronted with certain errors associated with traveling.

Whether it’s during the trip or even during the booking period, these errors can either mar the trip or even make it impossible for you to travel at all. Most frequent travelers feel they are above these mistakes but a slight oversight can have really painful consequences. Let’s review a few of these common travel mistakes and how to avoid them:


  1. Over-packing  travel mistakes

Avoid packing unnecessary items just because you leave packing till the eve of travel. Never leave packing till the last minute as this will prompt you to just throw everything you own into a bag this way just to play safe.  This is a grave error as baggage fees and hauling around heavy bags can take the fun out of traveling. Also determine the purpose for travelling, length of stay and your itinerary and then pack accordingly.


  1. Wrong booking details

Entering the wrong details like your common name instead of names on your travel documents is one of the most common travel mistakes. This can make it really difficult for you to check-in. Be sure to have your travel docs like your passport open when you enter your booking details to avoid entering wrong details.


  1. Missing your flight

This mistake can be prompted by a number of factors like arriving late at the airport or not reading your booking details right. Always be sure to double check flight details and make sure you are reading all details right.


  1. Showing up or arriving at the wrong airport

This is also a consequence of entering the wrong booking details; not reviewing your booking details or not doing proper research. Some cities have 2 airports that may be located in different extremes of the city and you do not want to arrive in the wrong airport.


  1. Overbooking Your Itinerary

You do not have to visit all the tourist sites and do everything. You may find out that you can’t do all you thought you would do so don’t be afraid to trim your itinerary and try other things that may catch your interests.


  1. Overspending

It’s important to stick to your budget so you don’t get stranded.

travel mistakes

  1. Booking connecting flights without enough time between flights

Avoid connecting flights with not enough time in-between. This way, if your flight gets delayed or you get delayed for any reason, you still have enough time to catch up.


  1. Not notifying your bank about your trip

You do not want to get your cards blocked while on your trip. If you do not notify your bank that you will be travelling, your card may be blocked due to strange transactions and fees.


  1. Not keeping your valuables in different safe places

Spread your money around. Keep some in your back pack, some in your suitcase and some in your wallet. This way, you always have something to fall back on when you lose any of your stash of funds.

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  1. Underestimating cultural and other differences

Be prepared to be respectful of the city’s culture and traditions. Endeavour to understand the way of life, learn a little of the language and be sure to have fun while doing it.


Some of these common travel mistakes can be avoided by just paying attention when necessary. So do your best, relax and have fun as you travel.


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