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What To Know Before You Visit Scotland


The land of Kilts, Bag pipes and a fondness for the word “a wee bit o”; these are all interesting aspects of the beautiful of country of Scotland. The country is filled with magnificent highlands that will give you a sense of wonderment. There is a lot to see and do when you visit Scotland. You can go Isle hopping, partake in a “wee bit o” celebration during the summer festivals, or visit the two historic cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow while you immerse yourself in the culture.

However, before you begin to plan your trip, here are a few things to know before you visit Scotland.


What to Know Before You Visit Scotland


The freedom to roam and interact with Locals

The Scottish are notorious friendly and this is punctuated by the fact that even tourists are free to roam the countryside and farms. Just don’t go knocking on people’s doors. While taking a road trip, you are free to visit farms and roam the lands without feeling like you are intruding. visit Scotland


The Weather is unpredictable

Scotland is notorious for rain, so be sure to pack a raincoat or a packer just in case. Umbrellas sometimes stand no chance against the gusty winds so it will be safe to pack a raincoat to keep you as dry as can be.


Sheep and more sheep

You will likely see more sheep than people as you will find them all over the farms and roaming the countryside.


Beware of the Scottish Midge

The Scottish midges are tiny insects that travel in swarms. They are quite notorious for attacking your face, mouth, eyes and any exposed skin. So it’s important to get bug spray or repellent. Also, try to cover up or you will get bitten.


Visit the distilleries all over the country

Scotland is notorious for having many whiskey distilleries as Scottish whiskey is the nation’s popular export. You can decide to visit by yourself or sign up for a tour. However, you will find that not all Scots drink whiskey and some will rather drink gin or beer.


Try the local cuisine

Scotland is popular for shortbread, amazing seafood and Haggis. Haggis is a popular local dish and is made up of of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. I know it sounds gross and unpalatable but it’s quite tasty and a local favorite. The dish is minced and cooked with salt, oatmeal, and spices then placed in a sheep’s stomach. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


Take a road trip

This is a must do. If you visit the two major cities in Scotland, Edinburg and Glasgow, take a road trip outside these cities as well. Make sure you have a camera as you take in the majestic sights. The highlands are magnificent with amazing landscapes and mountains. The Isles are also great for visiting various distilleries.

Remember to keep to the left as you drive as it’s legal to only drive on the left in Scotland.


English is widely spoken

No need to fret. You are unlikely to have communication problems as most people speak and interact in English.

What To Know Before Visiting Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean country and a great vacation destination. The modern state with sprawling landscapes and a juxtaposition of old and new architecture is a great destination for an exciting holiday. Visiting the country’s capital, San Juan offers a pleasurable experience as you tour the Island and its entire rich cultural heritage.

There is a lot to do and see while visiting Puerto Rico. Explore history as you visit the hundreds of restored buildings in Old San Juan; tour the Bacardi rum factory; or see Castillo de San Cristobal- a massive 27- acres fortification built by the Spanish at Old San Juan’s Eastern gate. Before heading out, there are a couple of things to know before visiting Puerto Rico. visiting Puerto Rico


What to know before visiting Puerto Rico


Not everyone speaks English

Not to fret; you will find English speakers around tourist cities like San Juan. The official languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English and most of the people within major cities are bilingual. You will be able to get by without a lot of communication barriers.


Transportation options

Seeing all that Puerto Rico has to offer is not an easy feat. You can accomplish this by opting for car rentals in the country. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. Public transportation in Puerto Rico is greatly lacking so car rentals are your best bet. There are a number of car rentals that offer amazing deals.


Your U.S dollars is valid

As a common wealth of the United States, Puerto Rico’s official currency is the U.S dollars. So, expect to spend as if you are back at home if you happen to be a U.S resident.


Avoid dangerous areas

If you are visiting cities like San Juan, there are some areas in the city like Condado where tourists are likely to get robbed. This is not restricted to San Juan. If you see a lonely area or a place where a ton of locals aren’t milling around, try to avoid it. Also, keep your valuables out of sight.


Home to a UNESCO World Heritage – Castillo San Felipe del Morro

This well preserved national monument will take you back in time to the 16th century. This old citadel remains a fortress but was used to house soldiers back in time. Castillo San Felipe del Morro once housed the Spanish and American military. Walk the beautiful lawns, climb the walls and feel the wind around you while standing on various strategic spots that affords impressive views of the coast.


Fabulous Beaches

Many have trooped into Puerto Rico to experience the country’s glorious beaches. With over 300 beaches littered all over the Island, tourists can spend time lounging at the beach and soaking in Puerto Rico’s almost perfect weather.


What to Know Before Visiting New Zealand


The Land of the Long White Cloud is a lush city with many tourist attractions. As a fabulous travel destination, New Zealand is a beautiful country and boasts amazing scenery. There is a ton of activities to engage in while you interact with the friendly locals. You can feed wildlife or go bungee jumping. You can also go skydiving or go on an adventure in the Southern Alps or the rainforests. If you are intent on visiting New Zealand as your next travel destination, here are a couple of things you should know about the country. visiting New Zealand


What to Know Before Visiting New Zealand


Obey Custom laws

New Zealand is very protective of the environment and mandate that everyone must declare food, plants and fruits at customs. They take bio-security very seriously and offenders will be fined or refused entry into the country. So when in doubt about items you have with you, declare them at customs and ensure they are approved before taking these items with you. Also, you will be expected to present your hiking/camping boots for thorough inspection. So be sure to clean them thoroughly and ensure they are not carrying anything that may mean they have to be confiscated.


Pack for all weather

New Zealand weather is very unpredictable and so, do not be fooled by weather forecasts. To be safe, just pack for all kinds of weather. A neat trick is to pack clothing that allows you to dress in layers; this way, you can remove layers or add more clothing. Pack sweaters and cardigans that can function as blankets when it gets really cold. It’s better to have the option of taking off a few clothing than looking for a means to keep warm. Pack socks as well to keep your feet warm. If you will be travelling during winter, remember to pack woolen gloves, a neck scarf and a head gear.


Be prepared for daring adventures

If you are faint hearted, I will recommend you sit this one out. Before visiting New Zealand, you should know the country is filled with the most amazing adventurous activities. Go white water rafting; go bungee jumping, partake in whitebaiting which is a seasonal sport or go sky diving.


The Internet isn’t reliable

Well this isn’t so bad since you are on vacation and are supposed to be disconnected from the world. New Zealand’s internet isn’t so great and in some areas, service is non-existent.


Aussies aren’t Kiwis

Be careful not to call an Aussie a Kiwi. Kiwis are New Zealanders while Aussies are Australians. For the foreigner, the accents can be quite confusing but Aussies and Kiwis believe they sound totally different. When in doubt, just come out straight and ask. People popularly distinguish between the two by asking them to pronounce “fish and chips”. The Kiwis will pronounce it as “Fush and Chups”.


What To Know Before Visiting Auckland


New Zealand is a beautiful country with loads to offer visitors who are looking to have a wonderful time away from home. The country’s largest city Auckland is a popular destination for many tourists visiting New Zealand for many reasons which we will explore soon. Home to luxurious beaches, fashionable locals and wonderful food, visiting Auckland will prove to be time well spent. Are you ready to begin your epic adventure? Here are a couple of things to know before visiting Auckland.


What to Know Before Visiting Auckland


Auckland is also called the city of Sails Visiting Auckland

Auckland is also known as the City of Sails due to the high number of people who own boats in the city. This means there are various opportunities to go sailing. Sign up for a ride on one of these sailboats and have a great time in the water. Auckland also boasts wonderful beaches that can provide amazing relaxation spots for you.


The weather is unpredictable

It rains just about any time. So be sure to bring along a raincoat or an umbrella. To be safe, pack clothes for all kinds of weather and dress in layers while in Auckland. It’s better to have the option of taking off a few clothing than looking for a means to keep warm. Also, when it gets hot in Auckland, it gets really hot. Don’t forget to add sun-block to your packing list.


Car rentals are a safe bet

Public transportation is practically non-existent. If you will be doing major sight-seeing, this will be greatly facilitated if you have a car at your disposal. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. Car rentals in Auckland are not expensive. So be sure to include the cost of car rentals in your budget before visiting Auckland.


The locals are friendly

The Kiwis are really friendly and will be happy to put you at ease and give you directions. To get a feel of the city and the best places to visit, what beats hearing it from the horse’s mouth? Kiwis are New Zealanders while Aussies are Australians.


Enjoy the delicious food

Be prepared to add a few pounds before leaving the city as the Kiwis love their food. In Auckland, you will find all kinds of delicacies. Enjoy the most mouth watering pastries, sweets, rich coffee (no decaf please), and tasty dishes.


Have fun visiting Auckland.

Car Rentals In New Zealand


New Zealand is a beautiful city and so many have underestimated just how beautiful the country is.  With its many tourist attractions, New Zealand is a recommended choice for the daring and adventurous. For fun things to do during your stay in the “Land of the Long White Cloud”: you can visit and feed wildlife; go bungee jumping; you can also go skydiving, or go on an adventure in the Southern Alps or the rainforests.

Considering New Zealand as your next travel destination?  Then you should know that enjoying these amazing adventures will be greatly facilitated if you have a car at your disposal.  With car rentals in New Zealand, you have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. Car rentals in New Zealand are not expensive. If you hope to see the Highlands, then you will have to make some road trips out of major cities like Edinburg and Glasgow. Once you are a few miles from Edinburg, you will find yourself making unscheduled stops to take in the amazing scenery while taking Instagram worthy shots. Car Rentals In New Zealand

See below our top choices for car rentals in New Zealand.


Car Rentals in New Zealand



Avis is a popular car rental service in New Zealand and offers affordable car rental service in the country. For $33 per day, you can rent a Toyota Yaris or similar. One great perk you enjoy from renting from Avis is that cars have no mileage restrictions. You can also reserve a car and pay upon pickup. Cancellation is free and you can pick up and drop off in multiple locations across the country. Avis also offers all kinds of vehicles for rent; from compact cars to trucks and everything in between. This car rental company provides a plethora of value added services to improve customer experience.



Budget car rental service offers excellent service when you encounter car problems and are quick to help effect repairs with impressive discounted rates at any of their shops. Budget offers classy vehicles like Compact SUVs for rent. With rates as low as $33 per day, you can rent an SUV with Budget. Enjoy huge savings when you pay upfront for the car while making reservations.



With a seamless online platform that makes booking easy, Europcar is also a recommended choice for car rentals in New Zealand. You can rent cars, Vans and even Trucks with Europcar. Rent a Suzuki Swift or something similar for just $29 daily and enjoy unlimited mileage and no cancellation fees. Enjoy huge savings when you book online. Europcar offers One-Way Rentals, short-term rentals and even Long-Term Rentals.


Happy driving.