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Top Car Rentals In Melbourne, Australia



So, you are visiting the land down under aye? Well, be prepared for daring adventures and amazing sights. The city of Melbourne is not without its own share of adventures. Go parachuting in the Great Ocean Road; see amazing views of the rainforest by riding the open train in Puffy Billy Railway. You can also swing by the Queen Victoria market or see amazing aquatic life at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

Exploring all these attractions will be easier if you have a car at your disposal. Car rentals in Melbourne are not exactly pricey; however, they are not very pocket friendly as well. So, sign up to following car rental websites that offer amazing discounts if you book ahead.

Below, see top car rentals in Melbourne, Australia. Car Rentals In Melbourne


Car Rentals In Melbourne


Europcar Rentals

With a seamless online platform that makes booking as easy as a walk in the park, Europcar is also a recommended choice for car rentals in Melbourne. Rent a compact car like a Hyundai I20 for $43 or an Economy car like a Nissan Micra for $43 daily. Enjoy huge savings when you book online. Europcar offers One-Way Rentals, short-term rentals and even Long-Term Rentals.


Alamo Car Rentals

This budget friendly car rental service is another top pick for you. Enjoy easy online booking while paying really cheap rates daily for a nice vehicle. The company offers value added services like insurance and provides various venues for picking and dropping off your vehicle (this saves you the hassle of returning the vehicle at the original pickup location). Find various vehicles for rental purposes. Rent a Compact SUV like a Nissan X Trail for $53 daily. You can also rent a Standard vehicle like a Skoda Octavia for $50 daily. If you need your rental vehicle once you arrive, you can visit Terminal 1 of the Melbourne Airport.



With Enterprise, you can rent an economy vehicle like a Kia Rio for $49 or even cheaper when you book ahead. This rate is also dependent on the type of vehicle you are interested in. Enterprise also has a seamless car rental app that allows you rent a vehicle ahead from anywhere in the world. Value added benefits like car seats, adding a second driver and even GPS are included but you might be required to pay a little more.


We wish you safe travels!

Top Car Rentals In Singapore


Singapore is regarded as the biggest and busiest business hub in South East Asia. The modern city is also a great vacation destination with a lot to do for both the young and old. You can visit Little India, a hideaway to make you feel right at home. Also, the Marina Bay provides a breathtaking view that is great for long walks. See the infinity pool where you can splash and splurge in the waters.

Singapore was marked as the second safest city in the world in 2015. This literally means that getting around the city by any means including public transportation is considerably safe. Car rentals in Singapore is another way to go. The country boasts accessible road networks and various transport options. If you are interested in car rentals in Singapore, you have come to the right place! Owning a car in Singapore is a huge financial commitment. Vehicle owners are plagued with Insurance costs, Electronic Road pricing (ERP) charges, Road Tax, Certificate of Entitlement premium (COE) and others. This is why car rentals are expensive in Singapore. Most car rental companies take these expenses into consideration when renting out cars. Car rental rates in Singapore usually include the following: Car Rentals In Singapore

  • Insurance coverage
  • COE (Certificate of Entitlement)
  • Road tax
  • Radio License

These are just a few of the expenses incurred when you own and drive a car in Singapore.  We will advise that you use car rentals in Singapore if you will be staying for an extended period of time.

See our top choices for car rentals in Singapore:


Top Car Rentals In Singapore


  1. Avis

Avis car rental is a top choice in Singapore. Loyal customers stand to enjoy reward programs like free rental days and great parking spots. Avis also offers all kinds of vehicles for rent; from compact cars to trucks and everything in between. Avis mobile app is pretty great as well as the app is available on Google play, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows. Enjoy unlimited mileage and free cancellation when you choose Avis. For SG$110, you can rent a compact vehicle like a Toyota Vios. You can rent a car from Singapore Changi airport and drop off at other specified locations in the city or at the pickup location in terminal 4.


  1. Budget

Budget Car Rental Company is also one of our top picks due to the value of services rendered. They are excellent when you encounter car problems and are quick to help effect repairs with impressive discounted rates at any of their shops. With rates as low as SG$100 a day for a Toyota Vios, Budget is a budget friendly option for car rentals. Enjoy huge savings when you pay upfront for the car while making reservations. There are also various vehicle options to choose from including SUVs and compact cars.


  1. Sixt

Sixt Rent a Car offers One-Way Rentals and even Long-Term Rentals. Enjoy huge savings when you pay upfront for the car while making reservations, you also stand to enjoy great rates when you book your car up to 3 months ahead. You have various vehicle options to choose from: Compact city cars, Sedans, SUVs and minivans if you are travelling with family. Value added benefits like car seats, adding a second driver and even GPS are included but you might be required to pay a little more. Also free cancellation up to 24 hours before your pick up date is possible.



  1. Thrifty

With Thrifty car rentals, you have a large range of vehicle options to choose from. Whatever the budget, Thrifty has something for you. Rent a compact vehicle like a Dodge Neon for just SG$105 or a Ford focus for SG$96. Thrifty boasts a high international presence to facilitate the renting process.


Now you can experience Singapore on your schedule.

Top Car Rentals In San Diego


Visiting the sunny city of San Diego is a top choice for vacation destinations in the U.S. There is a lot to do and places to explore. The temperature is mild all year round and you can cart the kids along if you are looking for a family friendly destination. You can visit the San Diego zoo for an interactive experience or see one of the live shows held there. You can also go Kayaking in the Sea Caves at La Jolla Caves or climb aboard the USS Midway for a history of naval warships. The beaches are a dream and the world famous Sea World is a must-have adventure.

Enjoying these amazing adventures will be greatly facilitated if you have a car at your disposal. Car rentals in San Diego are quite cheap. You will be free to do whatever you want and at your own schedule. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. A car will also prove useful when you have to ferry your family around the city; hopping from one sight to the other. In this post, we will review top car rentals in San Diego.

Top Car Rentals In San Diego


Fox Rent A Car

Fox Rent A car is a great pick if you are looking for a pocket friendly car rental service. You can pay as little as $34 daily for a mid size Toyota corolla (inclusive of taxes and VAS). This rate is way cheaper than some other car rental companies that can go as high as $50 daily. Also enjoy basic to luxury types of vehicles at competitive rates. Long term rates are also available.


Car Rentals In San Diego

Economy Car Rental

This car rental offers various vehicles in different categories for rent in San Diego. From economy vehicles to SUVs and even smart automatic vehicles; there is something for everyone. For $29 daily (including taxes and VAS), you can rent a smart mini vehicle for exploring alone or with one another person. You can rent a bigger vehicle like a Ford Taurus or an Impala for $37 daily.



This budget friendly car rental service is another top pick for you especially if you will be travelling with family. Enjoy easy online booking while paying $70 for a Dodge Gran Caravan minivan or as little as $56 daily for a Mitsubishi Mirage (inclusive of taxes and VAS). The company offers value added services like insurance and provides various venues for picking and dropping off your vehicle (this saves you the hassle of returning the vehicle at the original pickup location). Find a wide selection of vehicles to choose from with Alamo car rental.



With Payless car rental, you can rent a Compact Nissan Versa for $31 total or a Buick Verano for $35 daily. There are other great options to choose from when you go with Payless. Renters must be aged 25 years old and above.



When you reserve a car with Advantage in San Diego, an airport shuttle bus will pick you up from the airport and take you to the rental car center. This car rental promises new clean vehicles in its fleet and friendly service from its staff. You can rent a mid size Kia Forte or similar for $34 total daily. You can also rent a Compact Nissan Versa for $36 total.


Safe travels!

Types of Accommodation In Singapore


Singapore is a modern city that experiences a regular influx of expats streaming in for either business or pleasure.

Many business travelers have found their way to the country to conduct all kinds of businesses at one point. Singapore is regarded as the biggest and busiest business hub in South East Asia. It’s important to know how to maximize your stay and get the most out of your trip. Securing the right accommodation in Singapore for the duration of your stay is paramount. There are many options to choose from and settling on one accommodation type will depend on first, your budget and then your preferences. If you are looking to splurge on vacation, pinching pennies, on a business trip or traveling with family; there is something for every need. Accommodation In Singapore

There is a scarcity of land space in Singapore and this fact has informed the types of accommodation available in the country.


 Types of Accommodation In Singapore


Long Term Stay

You can opt for public or private housing. If you will be staying for an extended period of time, you can choose any of the below options in Singapore:



These are luxury apartments designed like private houses. They are suited for well paid executives. It can become yours only after you have lived in it for 5 years. These condos come furnished with various amenities that may or may not include washing machines for clothes and dishes, television and even a microwave.



These are not really cheap but stress –free and easy. They are cheaper than condos. With these apartments, you get access to rooms of different sizes. They are favored by expats. You can opt for the government subsidized HDB flat or opt for private housing which is more expensive. These government subsidized flats are not readily available but if you are lucky, you may get to rent one. They are mostly inhabited by locals.



They are detached private buildings that come with in-built entertainment and relaxation centers. They are pretty pricy and only about a thousand of them can be found in the entire country.


Semi- detached

These houses are attached to one another on one side but are actually distinct houses. They just happen to share walls.


Shop houses

These are 2-3 storey building homes with historical value that have sometimes undergone renovations. They can be found around the city.


Short term stay


Metro Residences

If you will be staying in Singapore for a month or more, you should try out Singapore’s Metro Residences. Metro Residences are Singapore’s Airbnb styled lodging for business travelers. It connects business travelers to listed corporate-like apartments. It’s cheaper than hotels and is located downtown with easy access to popular areas.



If you will be staying for a short time in Singapore, hotels are a safe bet. You can find something to suit your budget by visiting the numerous websites that facilitate hotel booking worldwide. You can also opt for guesthouses as they are more budget friendly.



Looking for a home away from home and a convenient accommodation? Airbnb will help you get situated if you do not like hotels. You can book rooms or an entire apartment through the Airbnb app and also verify your choice by reading up on customer reviews.


That’s all there is to know about accommodations in Singapore. Happy hunting!


Visiting Budapest? Top Things To Know


Hungary is a European country of less than 10 million people. The country’s capital, Budapest is a modern city with amazing architecture and a thriving economy. Transportation is cheap and comfortable and it is a fun place for tourists. If you are thinking of visiting Budapest, here are a couple of things to know: visiting Budapest


Euro is not the official currency

So you might want to ditch your Euros or be prepared to receive your change in the local currency. Once you arrive the country, be sure to change your currencies to Forints which is the national currency. You can also visit ATMs in the city to get some local currency.


Goulash is actually Gulyás

Goulash is actually spelt Gulyás. Contrary to popular opinion, the delicacy Gulyás is actually a soup in Hungary and not stews as served in many western restaurants


Swimwear is a necessity

In Hungary, you will find hundreds of baths and hot springs littered all over the country. The country has the world’s largest thermal lake located in Heviz and also boasts the largest lake in Central Europe called Lake Balaon. In Budapest, you will find over 100 natural springs and counting. Széchenyi Thermal bath is the largest in Budapest and sees a lot of people hoping for a relaxing time. So if you are visiting Budapest, be sure to partake in a relaxing bath in one of the natural springs.


Do not clink your beer glass

This is frowned upon in Hungary. According to the country’s history, Hungary lost the 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence to the Austrians who celebrated by drinking beer and clinking their beer glasses in Vienna. Since then, Hungarians vowed never to clink their beer glasses for the next 150 years. You can clink your wine glasses and others but you might get a frown of disapproval if you clink beer glasses. This vow expired in 1999 but the tradition still persists all over the country.


Budapest is pronounced Boo-da-pesht

You can decide to learn the correct pronunciation if you are visiting Budapest or wait till you hear the locals say it.


Public transportation is cheap

Travel around Budapest using the well developed and preserved forms of public transportation that include buses, trains, trams and a Metro system. The M1 is the second oldest in the world and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site operating since 1894. You can opt for a single ticket or a pack to pay for transportation. Whichever option you choose, the price is still really cheap. You can opt for a chairlift across the city or try the cable rail way for amazing views of the city.


Armed with these few tips, you are sure to have the best time while visiting Budapest. Safe travels.