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Tips To Help You Settle Down In A New City


Moving to a new city is a daring undertaking that will have you brimming with conflicting emotions. Adjusting to life in a new city comes with its fair share of surprises that may have you either scampering back to the familiar or sitting pretty. Well, you are not alone. In this post, we will share some tips to help you toughen it out and settle down in a new city. When I relocated to a new city years ago, I didn’t have any help and always found a reason to make the trip back to where I used to live. The flights were expensive but I convinced myself it was necessary for me to make the trip back to my previous cit every couple of months.

When I could no longer afford these trips, I had to make some mental and physical readjustment to help me settle in my new abode. Now, I love my new home and haven’t had any reason to fly back to my previous city in years. So what changed? Below, I have briefly discussed 5 tips to help you settle down in a new city.


  1. Make a pact with yourself

If I had done this earlier, I probably would have saved tons on airfare. Before you move to a new city, say your good-byes to friends and relatives and get closure where needed. As you make the trip down to your new city, make a pact with yourself to give it a year before making any rash decision to return to your old home. This is why it’s important to say those goodbyes when you can.

Enter your new home with the promise to have no regrets or make unfair comparisons. This new city is home now and will be for a long time.

New City

  1. Find a safe place to live

Nothing will send you running back to your former city faster than the feeling of being unsafe in a new location. So it’s important you find a safe place to live as you relocate. The feeling of safety will help you relax and give you time to focus on settling into the new city. This way, you have one less thing to worry about.


  1. Make your home comfortable

To help you settle in quickly, surround your home with both the familiar and new things. When I moved to my new home, I made sure I packed my favorite bed-sheets and scented candles. When I had difficulty sleeping due to home-sickness, I changed my sheets and lighted the scented candles. In your case, it could be a favorite bedtime ritual, or a favorite tee-shirt. You can also pack a favorite bean-bag chair or couch if you must. If you need a fresh start and don’t want to be reminded of your old home, surround yourself with unfamiliar stuff and have fun re-discovering yourself


  1. Ward off loneliness

Relocation is a process; and if you happen to move to a place where you have no relatives or friends, it can get quite lonely. This is why it’s important to mix up. Join a group or association. Be a part of the neighborhood committee or just attend meetings and contribute. You can also sign up to dating sites if you are looking for a new relationship. Make new friends and hang out with them as often as you can. If you miss your relatives at home, use social media channels to keep in touch.


  1. Explore your new city

Now you have unpacked and settled in; it’s time to see all that the city offers. Take long walks, go on tours, and find the nice places and the best bars. A quick way to learn about the neighborhood is by chatting with the local bartender or food vendor.  This is your home now, so don’t be afraid to explore.

Top Cities To Visit In California


California is the most populous state in America and the favorite holiday destination for many tourists from all over the world. Located on the West coast in North America, you will find amazing tourist attractions like the popular Disney world and the best beaches to frolic in. This post will discuss top cities to visit in California and why. Our top picks of cities to visit in California takes into account the presence of beaches and tourist attractions designed to make your holiday dreams come alive. Visit In California


Top Cities to Visit in California


San Diego

Visiting the sunny city of San Diego is a top choice for vacation destinations in the California. There is a lot to do and places to explore. The temperature is mild all year round and you can cart the kids along if you are looking for a family friendly destination. You can visit the San Diego zoo for an interactive experience or see one of the live shows held there. You can also go Kayaking in the Sea Caves at La Jolla Caves or climb aboard the USS Midway for a history of naval warships. The beaches are a dream and the world famous Sea World is a must-do adventure.


Los Angeles

Located in Southern California, Los Angeles is great for solo and family trips. There is something for everyone. Visit the famed Disneyland; take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and see the iconic walk of fame. You can sign up for a tour of the various movie studios like Universal studios and Warner Bros.


San Francisco

Excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco’s number one tourist attraction? You are in luck. With an abundance of public transportation options that make getting around San Francisco really easy, visiting the city is a popular tourist destination. Renting a car in the city is a bad idea since parking fees can be really expensive and you don’t want anything to obstruct your fun time. Hop on one of the city’s Cable cars which are a great way to see the city or try the street cars that operate 24 hours above-ground.


We hope you have a great time in California.



What To Know Before You Visit Malta


There are a couple of things to before you visit Malta. The beautiful island of Malta is a delight to explore and a recommended vacation destination. You can tour the Island’s historic sites reminiscent of its exciting history and former ancient rulers. You can also pay a visit to the Island’s numerous fortresses, temples and other ancient buildings dating back thousands of centuries. Malta presents tourists a rare opportunity to explore ancient culture while in the present.

Beware of the trappings of Malta as the Island has ensnared many tourists and turned them into residents. If you are also looking to soak up some sun and lounge at the beach, Malta is a typical holiday destination to meet this need. visit malta

Before packing your bags and making a beeline for the airport, see below a couple of things to know before you visit Malta:


Malta can appear crowded

Malta has a small population size below 500,000. However, when compared to the country’s land mass of just about 122 square miles, the Island is quite crowded. The communities tend to stick pretty close which could be a good thing or otherwise since everybody knows everybody.


The heat can be overwhelming during the summer

During the summer, the heat brings humid nights and sweltering heats during the day. It’s important to pack on the sunscreen and bathing suits if you will be spending a lot of time at the beach. The best time to visit Malta is between November and March as the weather averages 17°C during winter.


Most people speak English

The Island of Malta is greatly influenced by its history. The country has thrived under the leadership of the French, Romans, Moors and even the British in the past. The blending of all these influences has transformed Malta into a modern Mediterranean country. Most of the population speaks English, some speak Italian and others French.


Getting Around Malta

Driving can be a little rough and you have to be careful or you will get screamed at. Bus travel is a cheap and convenient way to explore the country as they reach almost every part of the Island. For $3, you can go anywhere you want. However, be aware that the buses can be a little crowded. I will recommend renting a car. Car rentals in Malta are quite affordable. If you have a car at your disposal, you have the liberty to do some exploring on your own schedule. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares.


The Island has 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The country capital, Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a concentration of historical monuments (over 300 monuments). If you are looking to do some cultural exploration, you should look to stay in Valletta. Other Heritage sites are the Megalithic Temples of Malta and the Neolithic Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni located in Paola, Malta.




Top Car Rentals In Washington D.C


Formerly called the District of Columbia, Washington D.C is a great tourist destination. There are many reasons to visit the capital city of the United States of America and they range from formal to informal. Many have trooped into the state to conduct business deals or pursue prospective clients. While some visit to explore iconic sites like the White house which is the official residence of the president of the United States. Others are just eager to partake in the Nation’s politics.

There is a lot to see and do in Washington D.C and having a car will help facilitate your time exploring the city. In this post, we will discuss car rentals in Washington D.C. Car rentals in D.C are a cheap and a convenient way of seeing all that the city has to offer. They offer different vehicle options to choose from. Value added services like insurance, vehicles with disability assistance, online booking/cancellation, GPS, and car seats for kids are available. See our top choices of car rentals in Washington D.C. Car Rentals In Washington

Car Rentals In Washington D.C



Budget Car Rental Company is our top pick due to the value of services rendered. They are excellent when you encounter car problems and are quick to help effect repairs with impressive discounted rates at any of their shops. In D.C, Budget offers classy vehicles like a Ford Focus for rent. With rates as low as $30 per day, you can rent a car with Budget. Enjoy huge savings when you pay upfront for the car while making reservations. There are also various vehicle options to choose from including SUVs and compact cars.



For as low as $28 per day, you can rent a compact Nissan Versa in Washington D.C. Renters stand to enjoy top discounts when they book online. Hertz has branches in top locations all over the world.  Find different kinds of vehicles to rent at affordable rates. Value added services like Child safety seats and GPS are available on demand. Renters also stand to enjoy unlimited mileage on rented cars.



This budget friendly car rental service is another top pick for you especially if you will be travelling with family. Enjoy easy online booking as the website is quite easy to navigate. The company offers value added services like insurance and provides various venues for picking and dropping off your vehicle (this saves you the hassle of returning the vehicle at the original pickup location). Alamo has also provided shuttle buses to convey passengers outside the airport.



With Enterprise, you can opt for an economy car at $46 or even cheaper depending on the type of vehicle you are interested in. You have vehicle options like a Dodge grand caravan or similar. Value added benefits like car seats, adding a second driver and even GPS are included but you might be required to pay a little more.



Suitcase or Backpack: Best Option For Travel


Some factors influence the decision whether to travel with a suitcase or backpack. Before we discuss these factors, I have spoken to various people who have a preference for either a suitcase or backpack no matter the factors involved.

Some destinations are great for any luggage type some aren’t. If you are going hiking, or navigating through rough terrains, a suitcase may not be the best option here.

Let’s review some factors that may influence your choice of Luggage:

Suitcase or Backpack

Duration of your trip

If you will be on the road for a long time, I believe you might be packing heavy. In this case, it’s better to opt for a suitcase. However, if you intend to travel light, a suitcase or backpack will do just well. Just be sure you are able to carry your backpack after packing or you might have to drag it behind you.


Planned Itinerary

If you will be doing loads of travel during your trip and sleeping in different places every night, you should opt for a backpack. On the other hand, if you will be returning to the same place every night, then you should try a suitcase. Your choice of clothing also depends on the activities you have planned for the trip. If you don’t mind that your clothes may look rough, also choose a backpack.



For a luxury trip, I believe you want your clothes neat and arranged properly; a suitcase will do the trick here. Backpacks tend to have your clothes rolled and not exactly wrinkle-free.

Also, if you will be doing loads of hiking, please choose a backpack. This way you can navigate rough terrains without destroying your luggage. Maneuvering a suitcase on rocky roads can destroy the wheels on your suitcase.


Tips for choosing a Suitcase or Backpack


The Travel Back Pack

For the backpack, keep testing the weight against your upper body strength regularly as you pack. You don’t want to finish packing and realize the bag is tipping you over. Get a backpack that will keep your back straight and balanced.

We recommend the sturdy KAKA backpack that is large enough to fit a ton of stuff. You can also try the weekend Shopper Lightweight that is easier to carry and doesn’t require much strength to carry.


The wheeled suitcase

Test the strength of the wheels to be sure they roll and can handle a heavy load before deciding to use it for your trip. If you will be travelling for a long time, you can choose a suitcase that has a soft front/shell or soft sides. The soft sided luggage is adjustable and can allow you pack more items into your suitcase. Also, it can handle bumps and manhandling without the fear of cracking.

The traveler’s choice travel Select Amsterdam suitcases are a great choice for travelers. You can find them here. There are also pricey and less pricey suitcases to choose from. It all depends on what suits you.

If you are worried about theft, the hard shelled suitcases are pretty difficult to get into. Some may get damaged after some rough handling, while others are built to last. See one of our top picks on Amazon here



So, if you will rather roll your suitcase or carry your luggage on your back, the choice is entirely up to you.