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Top 10 Travel Apps For Travelers


Travelling to a new city is always fun till you are at a loss for what to do in certain situations or just plain lost. Phone apps can be a lot of help and help you thrive in unfamiliar terrains. Apps can be a life saver and if you are travelling, there are a number of travel apps that can greatly improve your travel experience.

Let’s get to it. We will review 10 travel apps to help travelers thrive in new cities.

Top 10 travel apps


  1. TripIt

Travel Apps

This is the ultimate travel app that pools your travel itinerary in one spot.  Download the app then proceed to forward all your travel confirmations, receipts, hotel bookings and details to TripIt for record keeping. You can also grant the app access to your emails and let it do the rest.

To download TripIt, go here.


  1. Kindle


If reading is your favorite past time then you should get a kindle. Hauling around hard covers can be quite a load so why not get an app that can grant you access to quite a number of reading materiasl to keep you occupied for your entire trip. Get your kindle app here.


  1. Google Photos

travel apps

Sometimes taking in the sights might not be enough and some memories need to be preserved. Pictures help keep your memories fresh and you can share your experiences with others; as they say “pictures are worth a thousand words.” If you happen to have limited storage space on your phone, saving your memories might not be possible as pictures can take up a lot of space. One way to take tons of pictures and not be concerned with the limited capacity of your phone is by backing up pictures in Google photos. This frees up your phone so you can take as much pictures as you like. This app also organizes your best pictures into collages saving you the effort to do it yourself.


  1. Google Maps


The voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation feature is just one of the reasons why Google maps is a recommended app for travelers. Navigating unfamiliar terrains can be stressful so be sure to use Google maps while exploring the city. You can even save maps for offline use to help you save data.


  1. WeatherPRO

travel apps

This weather app is available on both Android and iOS. The WeatherPRO app is very detailed and provides thorough weather information like beach weather, water temperatures and even UV index. Get WeatherPRO here.


  1. Whatsapp


Whatsapp is a must have app for every traveler. Easy to you features; make voice or video calls or simply chat with friends all over the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can save money instead of paying for phone calls. This app is also data friendly helping you save data when you need to.


  1. Google Translate


Feel less isolated with Google translate. It is a practical app that helps you translate words to help you get by daily in a new city. You can either type in the word; use the speaking option; or you can hold your camera up to a text and Google will translate it for you immediately.


  1. WalkJogRun

travel apps

If you love to stay in shape, this app is for you. However, if you are in a new city, you might feel apprehensive about running as you are not sure which routes are safe. With WalkJogRun, you can discover safe routes to run as free as you want as the app is available in over 1.6 million cities worldwide. This app is not free and costs just $4.99. You also get access to training plans for beginners to advanced runners.


  1. Kommen


If you are looking to use Uber during your trip and hope to schedule Uber rides to fit your itinerary, then download Kommen. The Kommen app helps Uber passengers prebook Uber rides in every city Uber operates in (a feature Uber offers in only a few select cities). Prebook Uber from 15 mins to 30 days ahead; and even schedule up to 5 Uber rides at once.

Download Kommen at once.

The app is available only on the Android platform for now, but soon our app will be available on the IOS and windows platform also. You can get notified when we will be on IOS here:


  1. XE currency


Converting currency is not my strong suit; in fact anything remotely related to math turns my brain to mulch. This is why I leave the hard thinking to the XE currency converter app.  The app also has useful features like rates for precious metals and historic currency charts. Just be sure to update the exchange rates just before you travel to make sure you get the most accurate rates which is great if you are trying to save data.


How To Avoid Last Minute Travel Preparations For A Trip


Last minute travel preparations for a trip can be a recipe for disaster. Not only do you run the risk of forgetting really important details; you are hurried, distracted and not relaxed for your trip.

It is understandable that there are situations where you have just a few hours to prep for a trip and there is nothing you can do about it. However, if you do not fall under this category, we have prepared a short guide to help you avoid last minute travel preparations: last minute travel


  1. Make a comprehensive list

This list must detail your travel your itinerary, hotel bookings, flight and how you intend to get to the airport. With Kommen app, you can book Uber ahead to arrive as scheduled Make sure you book your flight on time and possibly get a discount on your plane fare. Make necessary hotel or hostel reservation. Also, make a list of all the things you need for your trip to keep you in check. This way, you don’t forget anything important.


  1. Pack ahead

Start packing early. Pack lightly and possibly daily. Leave the routinely used accessories till 2 days before you travel. You can pack the extra toothbrushes, batteries and charger and leave the main ones till a day before. Be sure to refer to your list to help you remember all you need for your trip. Before you lock up your suitcase, do a quick run through your list to be sure you got everything you need. Once you are sure nothing was omitted, you can then zip up your bag. Some items will go into your bag a few hours or even minutes before you travel, so be sure to make sure you get those as well. Even if they don’t fit into your suitcase, you can keep them in your carryon.



  1. Do not forget travel document

Make copies of all travel documents and keep them in your suitcase. Be sure to keep the -originals where they are easily retrievable as you will need them for check-in and possibly security. You can keep these travel documents in your carry on that goes into the plane with you.


  1. Secure a ride to the airport the day before

You do not want to be in a panicked rush to hail a taxi to get you to the airport. If your flight happens to coincide with rush hour traffic, there is a tendency that you might either be late for your flight or miss it entirely. A great way to avoid this is by prebooking Uber. You can prebook Uber with the Kommen app. The Kommen app is a third party app that complements the Uber app. Secure an Uber the night before to arrive at your doorstep 2 hours to your flight. With 2 hours to spare before takeoff, you can breeze through check-in and security without the long queues.


  1. Relax the eve before your flight

This refreshes you and keeps you alert before your trip. Don’t sweat the small stuff and trust that you got everything needed to make your trip a success.


How To Improve Your Travel Experience


Going on vacation simply means a time to travel and relax in another location. Disconnecting from the norm and taking the time to have maximum fun are some of the goals of going on vacation. If I am taking the time off to travel, I always make sure I have the best of times with no regrets. After all, whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.

Vacations can be planned around festive seasons, during summer, winter or simply when one feels the need to just get a way for a while. No matter the case, you can have an enjoyable trip whenever you decide to travel.

Improving your travel experience involves some careful planning and we are here to provide tips that will guide you towards having an exciting trip. Travel Experience


  1. Save as Much as you Can before Travelling

With extra money at your disposal, you have enough funds to have a most enjoyable time during your vacation and treat yourself as much as you can. A great way to save more is to reduce your expenses before travelling. Do away with certain habits that eat into your savings. Not to worry, you can resume these habits after your vacation.


  1. Book your Flight On Time

By booking your flight on time, you can enjoy up to 60% off your flight ticket. This will also depend on the season of travel, however if you book your flight on time, you enjoy amazing discounts. Get amazing deals using Hooper. With Hooper, you can save tons on your flight ticket.


  1. Try to secure accommodations that offer Complimentary breakfast and Free Wifi

This will help you save more money and you will only worry about lunch and dinner. This can significantly improve your travel experience. By using the hotel Wifi, you protect your private details from funny characters. Also, you save money when you don’t purchase an international data plan as this can be pretty expensive.


  1. Try Public transportation

By using public transport, you save more and get to interact with others. If you must travel in comfort, try to use an Uber. It’s cheaper and a classy way to travel. If you have a busy schedule ahead and want to Schedule Uber rides ahead, you can use the alternate app Kommen that allows you to prebook Uber rides 15 minutes to 30 days ahead. You can even schedule up to 5 rides at once.


  1. Interact with locals

This is a fun way of getting to know the city and learning about the culture. Learn a few lines of the local language and meet new people. You can learn of places to visit and more fun things to do to improve your travel experience.


  1. Be adventurous

Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you are in the swiss alps, climb a few mountains; in New Zealand, go bungee jumping; In Italy, go dancing and eat a few bowls of pasta.


  1. Be in the Now

When you are out and about, free yourself from distractions like social media and others. You can return to that life when you return home. Explore the city, mix up with other people and have fun.


These are a few fun ways of adding color to your travel experience. Try them and share your experience with us.



If you would like to enhance your travel experience, and are an Uber rider, give our app (Kommen) a try – it is available only on the Android platform for now, but will be available on the IOS and windows platform soon. To get a notification when we become available for downloads on IOS, click

Making the Uber App Your Reliable Companion


No man is an island. People tend to move from place to place for various reasons that range from commerce to fostering relationships. Transportation, either public or private is the means to achieve this feat. Sometimes, driving can be a stressful activity and we have to rely on public mode of transport. Uber app

There are also instances where there is a need to travel alone and we have to rely on taxis or private hire vehicles. However, taxis are not always reliable and convenient and that’s where app based ridehailing services like Uber come into play.

The Uber app helps passengers request rides from the comfort of any location as long as there is access to the internet. Uber riders place a request through the Uber app and get matched with registered Uber drivers who pick them up right at their doorsteps. Uber’s business model makes it a reliable companion. If you need to be at a certain place at any time of the day and do not want to be worried about finding an available ride, Uber is the way to go. The schedule Uber feature is supposed to make the Uber app reliable, however the service is not available in every city.

You can schedule rides in every Uber city with the new Kommen app. This app acts as a companion to your Uber app to give you the best ride experience. Kommen is a third party app that can schedule Uber rides ahead of time. You can even book rides for immediate use, schedule up to 5 rides at once and cancel scheduled rides with the Kommen app. With Kommen, Uber remains your reliable companion

Instances where Kommen has helped Uber’s reliability:


  •      Are you a busy traveller? Schedule your Uber ride in advance and check getting a ride off your to do list
  •       If your pickup location has high wait times for Uber, Kommen will keep calling rides for you automatically even when your driver cancels
  •       If you are an Uber rider who regularly run out of Battery power, why don’t you just schedule your ride before your phone dies?
  •       Plan your week even month ahead when you schedule up to 5 rides at once with Kommen.

To download Kommen go here:

When You Should Schedule Uber


Life has certainly become easier with Uber. Even though Uber is synonymous with taxis, both services are almost incomparable. From the quality of vehicles to the professionalism exhibited by drivers, Uber clearly comes out on top.

The service is not only great but comes at a really affordable price. As Uber evolved and spread into different cities, people needed the Uber app to be able to do more. “Why can’t i schedule Uber?” became a frequent question asked by disgruntled Uber users. To satisfy consumers, Uber introduced the “Schedule Uber” function that unfortunately isn’t in operation in every Uber city.  schedule uber

However, the Kommen app is a great way to schedule Uber in every city Uber operates in. You can schedule Uber 15 minutes to 30 days ahead. You can even schedule up to 5 rides at once. You can download Kommen here.

Scheduling Uber is a great way to save time and be punctual for important events. Also, it improves Uber’s reliability and leaves you worry free to focus on other things.

So when should you schedule Uber you ask?


Here are top instances where scheduling a ride will be a life saver:
Catching a flight

Living in a busy city with unpredictable traffic can be hectic. If you have a flight to catch, it is advisable to arrive the airport about 2 hours before take off.  If you live in a busy city where traffic is unpredictable, it is important to plan to arrive the airport on time. This way, you are not caught in traffic unexpectedly and end up missing your flight. By scheduling an Uber ahead, you can relax and not join the rush for last minute Uber booking. This also gives you time to run-through your checklist before leaving the house.

Busy day ahead? Schedule Uber rides

Swamped with back to back meetings? Stay refreshed and stress free by scheduling your Uber to arrive 10 minutes before the end of each meeting. This way you save some time to relax before the next meeting and also focus on the task at hand.

Keeping an Important date

It gives a wrong impression arriving late for a date. It is a possibility that you might be unable to book an Uber on time if you opt for last minute booking. Score point by scheduling your Uber ahead and arrive on time for your date.

Arriving a new city

If you are travelling to a new city, you can schedule Uber to pick you up once you land in that city. This feature is available with the Kommen app. Book your flight from the airport to your destination and your driver will be waiting for you once you land.

If you are a planner

If you love to plan ahead, then booking Uber ahead is what you have been waiting for. With this feature, you can schedule rides per week and have your driver notify you once en route.


Available Countries

Kommen is currently available in over 30 countries across the world, with strategic expansion plans with time. The current Kommen countries include: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, (UAE) Dubai, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Jordan, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

You can always visit today to get more information about the Kommen app.