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Top 10 Essential Items for Travel


Whether you are visiting the Alps, going continent hopping or travelling for the summer; there are essential items you must pack for every trip. These essential items for travel are not necessarily expensive and they are also items you probably use every day. Hence, they are usually found everywhere.  However, if you are looking to save money while on your trip, it will be better to pack them from home since you already have them. If you don’t have these items in your possession already, it will be advisable to log on to Amazon right now and start doing some shopping. Items for Travel

Are you ready to begin your travel adventure? See below.


List of Essential Items for Travel


Copies of Identification

Make copies of your travel documents and keep them in different locations within your luggage. You can keep the original sealed in a Ziploc bag so it’s safe from water or any other liquid damage or rough handling.


Ear mask and ear plugs

The eye mask will help you sleep better at the hotel and the ear plugs can be of help right from the plane. Ear plugs help maintain the pressure in your ears so you don’t feel uncomfortable in-flight. Make sure you get a pair of noise cancelling headphones for your flight as well.


Universal adapter

A universal adapter typically works in many countries and will help you be able to charge your electronics during your trip. Some of these adapters come with multiple outlets so you can charge multiple items at once if there is a shortage of sockets.


Plastic bags

These can range from your typical Ziploc bags to normal plastic bags. I usually opt for Ziplocs because they can be sealed and are leak-proof. They are handy for storing wet clothes or items that can leak.


Flexible Footwear

You can pack light rubber slippers for walking around the hotel or lounging at the beach. The great thing is that they don’t take up space in your luggage.



Wipes are a lifesaver. You can pack anti-bacterial ones for wiping your hands before eating; after visiting the toilet; or instances that involve you getting your hands dirty. They will be great when a sink for washing your hands are non-existent. You can also get face wipes or body wipes if you have to wait a long time between baths.


Prescription Meds

It will be time consuming and expensive to get a fresh batch of pills in a new city. So be sure to pack your medication and some extra ones. Pack a first aid kit with the essentials like band aids, prescriptions, Mosquito repellant and other off the counter medications like cold pills, antacid, and medicine for diarrhea, motion sickness, and sunscreen with SPF 15 or more.


Lightweight clothing

It’s important to pack clothing that allows you to dress in layers.  Have a sun dress handy, it is light and comfortable. Get a Pashmina or a neck scarf. You can remove layers or add more clothing. You can pack a sweater that can function as a blanket when it gets really cold.


Extra batteries

Having extra batteries will be great when you aren’t able to charge your phone on time. All you have to do is remove the dead battery and replace with the full one.


Sunscreen and Sunshades

Travelling to a new city can spring up some pleasant and not-so pleasant surprises. Harsh weather conditions may not be a pleasant surprise especially if you are unprepared. Be sure to have your sunshades handy and be generous with sunscreen when it is really sunny. You don’t want to spend your holiday tending to sunburns.


Now you are ready to have fun. Happy Travels!

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