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5 Fun Things To do On A Solo Vacation


Travelling alone is as much fun as you can make of it. A lot of people shun the idea of vacationing alone and believe you need to have a steady companion while you travel. However, imagine a trip where you do not have to bicker with anyone about the proposed travel itinerary, places to visit, what to do and even how much to spend. It’s starting to look appealing yes? Well, there is so much  fun stuff you can do while on a solo vacation and we are here to provide tips. Let’s take a look at a few options, shall we? solo vacation

Visit bars and take yourself to dinner

This is a great way to interact with others while you eat. You can order your meal and sit at the bar rather than get a table. This way you can chat with other people who are also seating at the bar. Bartenders are always ready to chat as well, so don’t be shy to strike up a conversation.

Chat with Locals

Take long walks around and interact with the locals. Try not to divulge everything about yourself since you are travelling alone. This could be potentially dangerous as you can get robbed. Don’t be afraid to lie a little so as not to attract too much attention to yourself. A great way to ensure you are safe is to register with SafeCheckin. They ensure you actually come back home safe by keeping regular tabs on you if you do not check in as scheduled. This way you can focus on having fun on your solo vacation. Chatting with locals will be another opportunity to assimilate the culture and learn more about the country or new city.

Try to learn the language

This is a great way to absorb the culture. Make an effort to learn the language. You can test your progress by chatting up locals and speaking the language when you take walks or go out to dinner.

Join a Tour group

Explore the city with other newbies like yourself. Join a tour group and visit the city’s iconic sites. This is a great time to have your camera or phone out. Take loads of pictures and share on social media when you can.

Attend festivals or see a popular show

If you visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras or partake in Rio’s Carnaval, be prepared to have loads of fun and interact with locals and visitors like yourself.  If festivities aren’t your thing, you can see popular shows at the opera or go enjoy Musicals showing in theaters.

These are just a few things to do when you are on a solo vacation. Each city has its own surprises so don’t be afraid to explore a little.


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