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Transport Options: Getting Around Singapore


Singapore is regarded as the biggest and busiest business hub in South East Asia. It was also marked as the second safest city in the world in 2015. This literally means that getting around Singapore by any means is considerably safe. Also, visitors in the city now have various transport options to choose from. In some other less safe countries, visitors might shun some forms of public transportation due to safety concerns.

There is a lot to do in Singapore for both the young and old. You can visit Little India, a hideaway to make you feel right at home. Also, the Marina Bay provides a breathtaking view that is great for long walks. See the infinity pool where you can splash and splurge in the waters. If you are visiting Singapore for business or pleasure and looking for tips for getting around the country, this post is for you.

We will review the various transport options available for getting around Singapore subsequently: Getting Around Singapore

Car Rentals

I know it usually feels safe to drive yourself but this won’t be a good idea in Singapore. Owning a car in Singapore is a huge financial commitment. Vehicle owners are plagued with Insurance costs, Electronic Road pricing (ERP) charges, Road Tax, Certificate of Entitlement premium (COE) and others. It is expensive to drive in Singapore and very few people actually rent cars. Finding parking spots as well can be really inconvenient. Therefore, it is advisable to use other modes of transportation


Mass Rapid Transit (Rail)

This is the easiest and fastest way to travel in Singapore. With an extensive rail network woven around the city to facilitate movement from any point, you can visit all the attractions you wish. The trains are comfortable, clean and reasonably priced.


By Bus

The bus is also a nice means of getting around in Singapore. It will cost about $2 to travel by bus which is a really affordable. Unlike when you travel underground, you can see the sights when you travel by bus.

Passes for travelling by Bus or Rail

There are two types of passes you can purchase if you are visiting Singapore for a few days:

EZ-Link card – This card allows you to travel by train and bus. Just remember to swipe it on the sensor as you leave the train or bus. You can buy this card from the TransitLink Ticket Office at MRT stations. It costs $10 for a day pass, $16 for two days and $20 for 3 days.

Singapore Tourist Pass – The tourist pass allows unlimited travel time for just $8 for a day pass. However, please note that a refundable $10 will be required at the point of purchase. You can also purchase this card from MRT stations.



If you want to travel alone, taxis are a recommended option. It is a convenient way to travel if you don’t want to share travel space with another or drive. You can find a taxi literally anywhere and they are metered. It’s also pretty affordable to travel by Taxi; be prepared to pay about $3 (or less) per kilometer. You might have to pay surcharges depending on the time of the day and your destination. Just be sure to ask for a receipt at the end of the trip to confirm charges.


By Trolley or Trishaws

Trolleys and Trishaws in Singapore are mainly used for transporting tourists who want to do some sightseeing. You will find them along tourist routes like Little India, Singapore Botanic Gardens and others.






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