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What To Know Before You Visit Scotland


The land of Kilts, Bag pipes and a fondness for the word “a wee bit o”; these are all interesting aspects of the beautiful of country of Scotland. The country is filled with magnificent highlands that will give you a sense of wonderment. There is a lot to see and do when you visit Scotland. You can go Isle hopping, partake in a “wee bit o” celebration during the summer festivals, or visit the two historic cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow while you immerse yourself in the culture.

However, before you begin to plan your trip, here are a few things to know before you visit Scotland.


What to Know Before You Visit Scotland


The freedom to roam and interact with Locals

The Scottish are notorious friendly and this is punctuated by the fact that even tourists are free to roam the countryside and farms. Just don’t go knocking on people’s doors. While taking a road trip, you are free to visit farms and roam the lands without feeling like you are intruding. visit Scotland


The Weather is unpredictable

Scotland is notorious for rain, so be sure to pack a raincoat or a packer just in case. Umbrellas sometimes stand no chance against the gusty winds so it will be safe to pack a raincoat to keep you as dry as can be.


Sheep and more sheep

You will likely see more sheep than people as you will find them all over the farms and roaming the countryside.


Beware of the Scottish Midge

The Scottish midges are tiny insects that travel in swarms. They are quite notorious for attacking your face, mouth, eyes and any exposed skin. So it’s important to get bug spray or repellent. Also, try to cover up or you will get bitten.


Visit the distilleries all over the country

Scotland is notorious for having many whiskey distilleries as Scottish whiskey is the nation’s popular export. You can decide to visit by yourself or sign up for a tour. However, you will find that not all Scots drink whiskey and some will rather drink gin or beer.


Try the local cuisine

Scotland is popular for shortbread, amazing seafood and Haggis. Haggis is a popular local dish and is made up of of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. I know it sounds gross and unpalatable but it’s quite tasty and a local favorite. The dish is minced and cooked with salt, oatmeal, and spices then placed in a sheep’s stomach. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.


Take a road trip

This is a must do. If you visit the two major cities in Scotland, Edinburg and Glasgow, take a road trip outside these cities as well. Make sure you have a camera as you take in the majestic sights. The highlands are magnificent with amazing landscapes and mountains. The Isles are also great for visiting various distilleries.

Remember to keep to the left as you drive as it’s legal to only drive on the left in Scotland.


English is widely spoken

No need to fret. You are unlikely to have communication problems as most people speak and interact in English.

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