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What To Know Before Visiting Auckland


New Zealand is a beautiful country with loads to offer visitors who are looking to have a wonderful time away from home. The country’s largest city Auckland is a popular destination for many tourists visiting New Zealand for many reasons which we will explore soon. Home to luxurious beaches, fashionable locals and wonderful food, visiting Auckland will prove to be time well spent. Are you ready to begin your epic adventure? Here are a couple of things to know before visiting Auckland.


What to Know Before Visiting Auckland


Auckland is also called the city of Sails Visiting Auckland

Auckland is also known as the City of Sails due to the high number of people who own boats in the city. This means there are various opportunities to go sailing. Sign up for a ride on one of these sailboats and have a great time in the water. Auckland also boasts wonderful beaches that can provide amazing relaxation spots for you.


The weather is unpredictable

It rains just about any time. So be sure to bring along a raincoat or an umbrella. To be safe, pack clothes for all kinds of weather and dress in layers while in Auckland. It’s better to have the option of taking off a few clothing than looking for a means to keep warm. Also, when it gets hot in Auckland, it gets really hot. Don’t forget to add sun-block to your packing list.


Car rentals are a safe bet

Public transportation is practically non-existent. If you will be doing major sight-seeing, this will be greatly facilitated if you have a car at your disposal. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. Car rentals in Auckland are not expensive. So be sure to include the cost of car rentals in your budget before visiting Auckland.


The locals are friendly

The Kiwis are really friendly and will be happy to put you at ease and give you directions. To get a feel of the city and the best places to visit, what beats hearing it from the horse’s mouth? Kiwis are New Zealanders while Aussies are Australians.


Enjoy the delicious food

Be prepared to add a few pounds before leaving the city as the Kiwis love their food. In Auckland, you will find all kinds of delicacies. Enjoy the most mouth watering pastries, sweets, rich coffee (no decaf please), and tasty dishes.


Have fun visiting Auckland.

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