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What To Know Before Visiting Hawaii


Hawaii is the perfect holiday destination for a tropical celebration. If you are looking for relaxing beaches and a holiday with tons of activities lined up, you should consider visiting Hawaii. There is a lot more to do and places to see in Hawaii. Visit the volcanoes located at the National park in Hawaii or go see various aquatic wildlife at Hanuma Bay. For maximum fun, you can go island hopping by visiting the various Islands in Hawaii and have a taste of what each Island offers.

Are you thinking coconut drinks, beautiful resorts, and sunny beaches yet? Then you are ready for your Hawaiian adventure. See below a couple of things to know before visiting Hawaii:


What to Know Before Visiting Hawaii


Main Islands in Hawaii

There are six main islands in Hawaii and they are as follows: Oahu, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Hawaii or the Big Island, and Molokai. They are also the most frequented and each of them offers something unique to visitors. These islands are not very close to each other with the exception of Lanai that is quite close to Maui. Visiting Hawaii


Opt for car rentals

You should know that enjoying all the amazing adventures in Hawaii will be greatly facilitated if you have a car at your disposal. With car rentals in Hawaii, you have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. Also, Oahu is the only island with good public transportation network. It will be wise to rent a car while visiting the other 5 main islands.


Best time to visit

This really depends on your preference. Hawaii has just 2 seasons: wet and dry seasons. If you do not mind the rain, November – April is a great time to visit. There are fewer tourists on the island and you can avoid long lines at tourist’s attractions. May – September/October is the Island’s dry season. This is great time to visit if you want to avoid the rains and get some sun.


How to go Island Hopping

You will have to use the Island’s airplanes to go Island hopping. I wish I had better news but visiting all the main islands can be quite expensive and for every leg, you will have to buy a fresh ticket to a new Island. There used to be an option to use a ferry but I learned this option has been discontinued.


The cost of visiting Hawaii

If you are hoping for a budget friendly holiday, I don’t think Hawaii is the right choice for you. Tourism is a means of livelihood for most of the locals who do not mind inflating the prices of items. However, you can save money on cost of accommodation, places you eat, and means of transportation. Instead of staying in hotels, resorts or condos, you can opt for booking an Airbnb, hostels or campsites. Eating in restaurants is not cheap; you can try eating cereal in the morning, street food in the afternoon and fruits at night. Taxis are quite expensive in Hawaii. You can rent a small car or try a bike in certain areas.  Look for free tourist attractions to visit as well. These tips can help you save some money.




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