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What To Know Before Visiting Macau


China’s ancient customs, huge landscapes, friendly people and amazing attractions are some of the top reasons why this fantastic country is a great place to visit. If you are looking to narrow down your options, visiting Macau, a former Portuguese colony located some distance from Hong Kong is a top Chinese destination. There are a plethora of reasons why Macau is becoming popular among tourists and it’s not just because it has been dubbed the “Vegas of China”.

In this post, we will review some fun reasons why you should consider visiting Macau for your next vacation.


What to know before Visiting Macau


A strange mix of cultures

Some have referred to Macau as a cultural melting point or to be more succinct, a city of blended cultures. Formerly a Portuguese colony, you will feel like you are experiencing two cultures at the same time. You will see street signs in Portuguese but people thronging around you speaking Cantonese. The advertisements are also in Portuguese. However, an impressive number of the locals speak English as well, so you are bound to cope. See ancient Chinese temples and European influenced pieces of architecture. Visiting Macau


Come on! It’s the Vegas of China

This is not an understatement. In a country known for its ancient customs and traditions and sometimes eclectic lifestyle, in Macau you will find huge casinos, spectacular hotels, lights, and all the thrills you are looking for when hoping for a Vegas experience. Macau is actually regarded as the largest gambling city in the world.


The city can seem congested

This depends on what you are used to. Macau just covers 11 square miles with a population density of over 500,000 people and over 30 million visitors annually. Just be sure to make the most of your trip by making acquaintances and perhaps lifelong friends.


Lots to do and see

Besides gambling, prepare to enjoy all that a typical vacation offers. Macau also has the most gorgeous beaches where you can lounge all day and get that desired sun tan. You can head on over to the city’s largest beach called Hac Sa beach with its famous black sand. Find other attractions including the popular Macau Cathedral, see the dancing waters at the city of dreams hotel, ancient temples, and the ruins of St, Paul. Also visit the zoos, museums, parks, gardens and restaurants.


Best way to see Macau

Car rentals are not recommended and not common in Macau. The best way to get around Macau is by using the free shuttle buses offered by some hotels or by using taxis. If you can’t afford to stay in any of the big hotels, just ensure you book a small hotel close to the big ones that offer free shuttle buses. This way, you can walk to the bigger hotels and board their shuttle buses. Don’t worry; no one will stop you from using the free shuttle services.


Are you convinced yet? We wish you a grand stay in Macau.


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