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What to Know Before Visiting New Zealand


The Land of the Long White Cloud is a lush city with many tourist attractions. As a fabulous travel destination, New Zealand is a beautiful country and boasts amazing scenery. There is a ton of activities to engage in while you interact with the friendly locals. You can feed wildlife or go bungee jumping. You can also go skydiving or go on an adventure in the Southern Alps or the rainforests. If you are intent on visiting New Zealand as your next travel destination, here are a couple of things you should know about the country. visiting New Zealand


What to Know Before Visiting New Zealand


Obey Custom laws

New Zealand is very protective of the environment and mandate that everyone must declare food, plants and fruits at customs. They take bio-security very seriously and offenders will be fined or refused entry into the country. So when in doubt about items you have with you, declare them at customs and ensure they are approved before taking these items with you. Also, you will be expected to present your hiking/camping boots for thorough inspection. So be sure to clean them thoroughly and ensure they are not carrying anything that may mean they have to be confiscated.


Pack for all weather

New Zealand weather is very unpredictable and so, do not be fooled by weather forecasts. To be safe, just pack for all kinds of weather. A neat trick is to pack clothing that allows you to dress in layers; this way, you can remove layers or add more clothing. Pack sweaters and cardigans that can function as blankets when it gets really cold. It’s better to have the option of taking off a few clothing than looking for a means to keep warm. Pack socks as well to keep your feet warm. If you will be travelling during winter, remember to pack woolen gloves, a neck scarf and a head gear.


Be prepared for daring adventures

If you are faint hearted, I will recommend you sit this one out. Before visiting New Zealand, you should know the country is filled with the most amazing adventurous activities. Go white water rafting; go bungee jumping, partake in whitebaiting which is a seasonal sport or go sky diving.


The Internet isn’t reliable

Well this isn’t so bad since you are on vacation and are supposed to be disconnected from the world. New Zealand’s internet isn’t so great and in some areas, service is non-existent.


Aussies aren’t Kiwis

Be careful not to call an Aussie a Kiwi. Kiwis are New Zealanders while Aussies are Australians. For the foreigner, the accents can be quite confusing but Aussies and Kiwis believe they sound totally different. When in doubt, just come out straight and ask. People popularly distinguish between the two by asking them to pronounce “fish and chips”. The Kiwis will pronounce it as “Fush and Chups”.


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