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What To Know Before Visiting Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is a beautiful Caribbean country and a great vacation destination. The modern state with sprawling landscapes and a juxtaposition of old and new architecture is a great destination for an exciting holiday. Visiting the country’s capital, San Juan offers a pleasurable experience as you tour the Island and its entire rich cultural heritage.

There is a lot to do and see while visiting Puerto Rico. Explore history as you visit the hundreds of restored buildings in Old San Juan; tour the Bacardi rum factory; or see Castillo de San Cristobal- a massive 27- acres fortification built by the Spanish at Old San Juan’s Eastern gate. Before heading out, there are a couple of things to know before visiting Puerto Rico. visiting Puerto Rico


What to know before visiting Puerto Rico


Not everyone speaks English

Not to fret; you will find English speakers around tourist cities like San Juan. The official languages of Puerto Rico are Spanish and English and most of the people within major cities are bilingual. You will be able to get by without a lot of communication barriers.


Transportation options

Seeing all that Puerto Rico has to offer is not an easy feat. You can accomplish this by opting for car rentals in the country. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares. Public transportation in Puerto Rico is greatly lacking so car rentals are your best bet. There are a number of car rentals that offer amazing deals.


Your U.S dollars is valid

As a common wealth of the United States, Puerto Rico’s official currency is the U.S dollars. So, expect to spend as if you are back at home if you happen to be a U.S resident.


Avoid dangerous areas

If you are visiting cities like San Juan, there are some areas in the city like Condado where tourists are likely to get robbed. This is not restricted to San Juan. If you see a lonely area or a place where a ton of locals aren’t milling around, try to avoid it. Also, keep your valuables out of sight.


Home to a UNESCO World Heritage – Castillo San Felipe del Morro

This well preserved national monument will take you back in time to the 16th century. This old citadel remains a fortress but was used to house soldiers back in time. Castillo San Felipe del Morro once housed the Spanish and American military. Walk the beautiful lawns, climb the walls and feel the wind around you while standing on various strategic spots that affords impressive views of the coast.


Fabulous Beaches

Many have trooped into Puerto Rico to experience the country’s glorious beaches. With over 300 beaches littered all over the Island, tourists can spend time lounging at the beach and soaking in Puerto Rico’s almost perfect weather.


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