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Why Kommen Is For Business Travellers


As a business traveller, it could be quite difficult managing a busy schedule on the go. However, with helpful apps like Kommen and Uber taxi, it is possible to navigate your business trips without feeling the stress of travel. The Kommen app is available in every city where Uber is present. 


How does Kommen Help?
  • Schedule Uber Taxi Rides For up to 30 days

The Kommen app is an android based app that helps you schedule Uber taxi for current and future use. You can schedule Uber for up to 30days and even schedule up to 5 rides at once. This way, if you have a lot of stops to make in a new city, schedule all these rides at once on the Kommen app and have your Uber taxi waiting for you at every stop.

  • Travel in Comfort

As a frequent traveler, you will be prone to visiting new cities and have to deal with local cabs. Uber taxi provides you with polite drivers and a comfortable vehicle. Even if your driver cancels the ride at any point, Kommen app requests another driver on your behalf at no cost to you. This leaves you with enough time to focus on other important details of your trip.

  • Kommen Keeps you prepared and on time

By scheduling your rides ahead of time, you not only have the time to prepare for your trip and meetings but also be on time for them. By scheduling your rides, your Uber driver arrives as scheduled and in time to pick you up as opposed to last minute booking.

  • Kommen ensures you are not stranded

Travelling to a new city is certainly an unfamiliar experience. It might be difficult to determine if there is a dearth of Uber drivers. To prevent getting stranded, book a ride ahead with Uber taxi and ensure you are not caught unawares.


So how does Kommen Schedule Uber Taxi RIdes? 


  • Log in with your Uber Passenger Account to Kommen

You only need to log in once. You also only need to provide us permissions to request Uber rides on your behalf (once), and that is it.

  • Select your Pickup Date and Time

Let us know when you want your Uber, and we will request your Uber in enough time for you to make your trip on schedule.

  • Select your Pickup Address

Let us know where you want your Uber to get you, and we will send your Uber there.

  • Wait for your Uber

We will notify you when your Uber is arriving. 



Our app is available only on the Android platform for now, but soon our app will be available on the IOS and windows platform also. You can get notified when we will be on IOS here: www.trykommen.com/


Kommen Cities

Kommen is currently available in a number of countries across the globe. These countries include: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, (UAE) Dubai, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Jordan, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and the United States. To learn more about Kommen, visit www.trykommen.com.


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