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Making Your Life Better With Uber Taxi


Uber Taxi is an app that has proven to be a lifesaver to both drivers and riders. By disrupting the transport industry, Uber introduced a simpler way to commute without the hassles of traditional taxi hailing. The app based hailing service took things a step further by giving interested persons a chance to drive under the Uber Taxi service. You can benefit from the service either as a driver or a passenger and sometimes both. The choice is yours. 


Uber and Passengers

Uber has a plethora of services that not only carters to different segments of the society but also to unique needs. The UberX, UberXL, UberPOOl and the UberBLACK (to mention a few) are some of the Uber Taxi services designed to meet different needs.

UberX: This service is also called the everyday Uber and it is the least expensive of all Uber services. With this service, interested passengers can request the service from the Uber app by selecting the UberX option. The driver and his vehicle details will be shown to the passenger after selecting the service.

UberXL: This is the larger version of the UberX. If you request an UberXL vehicle, you will get an SUV or Minivan.

UberPOOL:  UberPOOL is essentially UberX shared with other passengers going in your direction.  Riders are charged for the ride – with the fare split into fair shares for all passengers.

UberBLACK:  UberBLACK is a luxurious service that provides convenient and premium service to people with deep pockets. Riders should expect sleek, black cars with professional drivers.


Uber and Drivers

The Uber driver and partner program is a great way to earn money on your schedule. Drivers and Partners can have their cars listed and registered on the Uber platform. As an Uber driver, you are your own boss once you own the car you have registered on the platform. Uber partners can own a fleet of cars and have drivers who drive them.


You can request an Uber Taxi on the go or schedule a ride for later. If the Uber schedule later option is unavailable in your city, a third party app like Kommen can request Uber rides on your behalf and even schedule rides for up to 30 days away. The Kommen app can make your even life better by complementing your Uber app for the ultimate passenger experience. During periods  of bad weather or no network service, rides scheduled via the Kommen app will still show up on time. 

The Kommen app is available only on the Android platform for now, but will be available on the IOS and windows platform also. To get a notification when we become available for downloads on IOS, click here: www.trykommen.com/

To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com


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