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What To Pack For Winter Break


Winter break usually signifies time away from classes and an extended stay at home. I remember staring at my suitcase for a couple of minutes wondering what to throw in it as my first winter break in college drew near. After spending so much time away from home, it’s normal to feel out of place I guess. However, to help you transition seamlessly from school to home life, you need to pack appropriately. In this post, we will discuss important things to pack for winter break.


First things first, prepare a checklist

To help you pack appropriately, you will need a checklist. This will Winter Breakhelp you know what to pack and you can tick off all the items you have thrown into your suitcase. It will also help you save time and energy.

So what goes into your checklist? Make a mental note of things you are already have at home so you don’t duplicate items.

See below important things to pack for winter break.



It’s winter and also Christmas, so there are tons of activities lined up. There are places to go and people see, so pack accordingly. If you have a bunch of dirty laundry, you can decide to do laundry before travelling or wait till you get home.

Pack clothes that allow you to dress in layers; this way you can dress up and dress down an outfit. This will save you closet space and even Luggage space. Layering your clothing as well will help you keep warm. It’s better to have the option of taking off a few clothing when you get too warm than looking for a means to keep warm.

  • Remember to pack woolen gloves, a neck scarf and a head gear.
  • Pack foot wear like sneakers and formal shoes. If you are heading to really cold weather, grab those boots as well.
  • Also pack underwear to last you the entire time spent at home
  • If you want to save money, pack all the clothing you need so you don’t have to spend unnecessarily.



If you will be doing some flying, grab that passport and other means of identification. It’s important to pack your driver’s license and school identification cards as you just don’t know when you might need them. Remember to always carry around copies of your identification.



If you have enough leftover in school, what’s the point in leaving them to dry out? Pack those creams, shaving cream, lotions and whatever else contributes to your daily hygiene routine. It’s important to stay moisturized during winter. So if you have a moisturizing cream, throw it in the bag.


Phone charger and adapters

They are usually the last to go into the bag. So make sure they are on your checklist. No need springing for a new one if you already got a charger or adapter in school.



Now you are ready for winter break. Have a fun filled holiday.

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