Beware of the trappings of Malta as the Island has ensnared many tourists and turned them into residents. There is a lot to do in Malta, so be prepared to have an amazing time as you tour the Island. The country is a delight to explore and a recommended vacation destination. You can tour the Island’s historic sites reminiscent of its exciting history and former ancient rulers. You can also pay a visit to the Island’s numerous fortresses, templesFull Story
  The city of Melbourne is not without its own share of adventures. There is a lot to do and places to explore. Go parachuting in the Great Ocean Road; see amazing views of the rain-forest by riding the open train in Puffy Billy Railway. You can also swing by the Queen Victoria market or see amazing aquatic life at the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. Be prepared for daring adventures and amazing sights when you visit Melbourne, Australia. In thisFull Story
  If you want to visit Southeast Asia, Thailand is a great place to start. The country is a budget friendly destination and has a ton of activities designed to keep tourists engaged. If not for the tasty Thai food, you can also visit Thailand for the city’s beautiful beaches and idyllic scenery. It is also a safe country for solo travelers. For those visiting the city of Bangkok, the intent is to relax, sample all the mouth-watering Thai cuisine,Full Story
  For some, a vacation isn’t complete until every item on the shopping list has been bought. If you love to shop, it’s important to know the cities that will provide enough shops for you to scour. Globe trotters can easily recite the cities that presented the best shopping playgrounds. Well, if you aren’t a frequent traveler, and are looking to maximize your vacation by visiting one of the world’s best shopping cities, this post is for you. Shopping citiesFull Story
  Moving to a new city is a daring undertaking that will have you brimming with conflicting emotions. Adjusting to life in a new city comes with its fair share of surprises that may have you either scampering back to the familiar or sitting pretty. Well, you are not alone. In this post, we will share some tips to help you toughen it out and settle down in a new city. When I relocated to a new city years ago,Full Story