For the most wondrous sights in Southern Spain, you should head on over to the city of Seville. The picturesque city of Seville is characterized by Jewish, Islamic and Christian influences. If you love exploring history, you can take a stroll through narrow streets and enjoy drawn-out meals while you swoon over Seville’s centuries-old neighborhoods and cultural offerings. There are a lot of things to do in Seville and places to explore. It is also a great choice forFull Story
  Rome, the Italian capital city is a beautiful place to visit and a popular tourist destination. The city receives millions of tourists year round all hoping to explore all that Rome has to offer. From touring some of the most amazing architecture dating back thousands of years, to indulging in the most appetizing food, there is a lot to see and do. Not to forget, Italy has the reputation of offering the most enticing pizza; so you can eatFull Story
  Morocco is a beautiful country and its bustling capital city of Marrakech is a popular destination for many tourists. The country has capitalized on its plethora of beautiful architecture, mouth watering dishes and interesting culture. There is a lot to see and explore.  You can take a trip to the Medina and hop from stall to stall shopping. The Medina is a great place to buy beautifully made Moroccan tunics and other wares. Visit the beautiful Marrakech Museum andFull Story
  Peru is a wonderland for tourists. The country is a perfect blend of culture, historical sites, great food and exotic animals. There is a lot to see and places to go. In this post, we will discuss a few facts about Peru. Some of these facts about Peru will help you determine if you want to immediately pack your bags or abandon the idea of visiting. Here are a few things to know about Peru starting from the factsFull Story
  Do you have a hankering for exotic dishes cooked with the tastiest spices? Do you need a break from the norm and looking for new experiences? Then you should consider Morocco as your next holiday destination. There are a few things you need to know about Morocco before visiting. Morocco is a tourist friendly country and is not as conservative as people assume. Many have refused to visit this beautiful city as the people are perceived as very religiousFull Story