California is the most populous state in America and the favorite holiday destination for many tourists from all over the world. Located on the West coast in North America, you will find amazing tourist attractions like the popular Disney world and the best beaches to frolic in. This post will discuss top cities to visit in California and why. Our top picks of cities to visit in California takes into account the presence of beaches and tourist attractions designedFull Story
  There are a couple of things to before you visit Malta. The beautiful island of Malta is a delight to explore and a recommended vacation destination. You can tour the Island’s historic sites reminiscent of its exciting history and former ancient rulers. You can also pay a visit to the Island’s numerous fortresses, temples and other ancient buildings dating back thousands of centuries. Malta presents tourists a rare opportunity to explore ancient culture while in the present. Beware ofFull Story
  Formerly called the District of Columbia, Washington D.C is a great tourist destination. There are many reasons to visit the capital city of the United States of America and they range from formal to informal. Many have trooped into the state to conduct business deals or pursue prospective clients. While some visit to explore iconic sites like the White house which is the official residence of the president of the United States. Others are just eager to partake inFull Story
  Some factors influence the decision whether to travel with a suitcase or backpack. Before we discuss these factors, I have spoken to various people who have a preference for either a suitcase or backpack no matter the factors involved. Some destinations are great for any luggage type some aren’t. If you are going hiking, or navigating through rough terrains, a suitcase may not be the best option here. Let’s review some factors that may influence your choice of Luggage: Duration ofFull Story
  Rome, the Italian capital city is home to sprawling landscapes, impressive architecture and a culture that has evolved over time. From touring some of the most amazing architecture dating back thousands of years; to indulging in the most appetizing food, there is a lot to see and do in Rome. Not to forget, Italy has the reputation of offering the most enticing pizza; so you can eat to your satisfaction. However, before you begin planning the most epic vacation,Full Story