We all have dreams of packing our bags, saying goodbye to our loved ones and going on that dream vacation. But alas, you look at your savings and the dream remains what it is, a dream. However, that dream can become a reality with careful planning and trimming your travel budget. Travelling can be quite fun on a budget. You do not have to necessarily blow your entire life savings to have a fun-filled vacation.  To help you getFull Story
  We travel for different reasons that range from business to pleasure, or for reasons in-between. No matter the reason for travelling, people display certain unique characteristics that distinguish them from others during the trip. So, are you the lonely loner or the easily excitable person that screams at every new adventure? Be prepared to find out.   See Below 7 Travel Personality Types   The Lonely Wanderers This set of people are usually quiet intellectuals. They prefer to wander aroundFull Story
  For many, there is no need to request an Uber till it is absolutely certain the ride is needed or they are on their way out. For some others, planning is essential, hence the need for a “schedule Uber” option.  At the advent of Uber, passengers could only request rides in real time, the uber booking option was unavailable. With time, people began to ask, “Why can’t i pre-schedule Uber?” Apparently, it was no longer sufficient to schedule UberFull Story
  With the Uber app, passengers can request rides from registered Uber drivers and get picked up in their various locations. To start using the Uber passenger app is not actually a difficult process. You just need to go through a couple of steps and you are on your way to hailing your first Uber ride.   Steps To Hail A Ride Via The Uber App  First, you must download and install the Uber app on your phone. Visit AppleFull Story
  As a business traveller, it could be quite difficult managing a busy schedule on the go. However, with helpful apps like Kommen and Uber taxi, it is possible to navigate your business trips without feeling the stress of travel. The Kommen app is available in every city where Uber is present.    How does Kommen Help? Schedule Uber Taxi Rides For up to 30 days The Kommen app is an android based app that helps you schedule Uber taxi forFull Story