Life has certainly become easier with Uber. Even though Uber is synonymous with taxis, both services are almost incomparable. From the quality of vehicles to the professionalism exhibited by drivers, Uber clearly comes out on top. The service is not only great but comes at a really affordable price. As Uber evolved and spread into different cities, people needed the Uber app to be able to do more. “Why can’t i schedule Uber?” became a frequent question asked byFull Story
  Although it is important to have the Uber app on your phone, you can also request an Uber cab ride without necessarily logging into the app. Here are a few ways to request an Uber without using the Uber app: Google Maps Search for, or type in, your destination and map it out as usual on Google maps. Once you see your route, swipe right on the transportation options on the top of the screen until you come acrossFull Story
  Without cars, there will be no ride sharing. However, the goal of rideshare services and ridesharing apps is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and gradually ease out traffic in cities. This will definitely have an adverse effect on car companies. Automobile manufactures have experienced a drop in sales as an increasing number of people have chosen to adopt rideshare as an alternative to owning their own vehicles or even driving. There are very many merits associatedFull Story
  As a business traveller, planning ahead is very important. If you were travelling for leisure, It might not matter if you leave certain parts of your trip to chance but this will be a huge mistake for business travellers. Let’s go on to review a few tips that will ensure you have a stress free business trip:    Create a Checklist Tick items of your checklist once its completed. Do a quick run-through of all your travel documents and all otherFull Story
  The transportation industry no doubt experienced positive renovation with ridesharing. People can now request rides that arrive at their doorsteps with no hassle. Uber is currently the top player in ridesharing. As a pioneer in ridesharing, Uber continues to explore better ways to satisfy consumers. The rideshare giant paved the way for many other start-ups to vie in the world of app based ride-hailing thereby providing consumers with a variety of options to choose from.  Over the years, consumersFull Story