Requesting an Uber cab via the Uber app requires that your mobile phone be connected to the Internet for the request to actually go through. However, there are instances when you experience really bad network connection or no connection at all and you really need an Uber. There are a few simple ways to go about this:    Pre-schedule Uber You can escape internet connection problems by booking an Uber cab ahead. This is a useful tip for thoseFull Story
  The schedule Uber function on the Uber app might not be available in your city but with the Kommen app, you can schedule Uber in every city Uber operates in. Kommen is an android based app that allows Uber users schedule rides from 15mins to 30 days ahead. Uber taxi just got better with Kommen.    How to Use The Kommen App Below, we have a clear step-by-step breakdown on how to use the Kommen app to schedule yourFull Story
  Kommen is a third party app designed to prebook Uber for current or later use. With Kommen, Uber passengers can book rides for use in 15 minutes to 30 days ahead. Kommen will call Uber rides on your behalf and even if the Uber driver cancels, you do not have to log back in to request a new ride as Kommen automatically books another driver for you.  Uber’s various services cater to different customer needs. Since Kommen syncs withFull Story
  Did you know you can book Uber via our Kommen app? The kommen app is a third party app that calls Uber rides on your behalf. You can even schedule Uber rides for 15 minutes to 30 days away. You can also cancel Uber rides as well using Kommen. This means you do not only schedule Uber rides ahead with Kommen, you can cancel the scheduled rides as well. You do not need to visit the Uber app toFull Story
  No man is an island. People tend to move from place to place for various reasons that range from commerce to fostering relationships. Transportation, either public or private is the means to achieve this feat. Sometimes, driving can be a stressful activity and we have to rely on public mode of transport.  There are also instances where there is a need to travel alone and we have to rely on taxis or private hire vehicles. However, taxis are notFull Story