Ridesharing is a transport option that is gradually being adopted globally and companies like Uber have undoubtedly made transportation a convenient activity. As an app based service, users can request rides from Uber cab drivers registered on the Uber platform. App based ridesharing has become an alternative to traditional taxis. However, the Uber service is not void of loopholes and passengers have to be on guard to be safe.  A number of rape and assault cases have been brought against variousFull Story
  Have you ever tried to request an Uber and discovered there weren’t any available drivers? This prompted Uber users to ask the pertinent question; “Why can’t I Schedule Uber?” Also, there is the inconvenience of walking to the road side to hail a local cab.  To pre-book Uber is a better alternative to last minute booking for various reasons:  Pre-book Uber Vs Last minute Booking   Escaping the last minute dash for an Uber As stated above, there isFull Story
  Since the inception of Uber, transportation has become easier making life simpler and more convenient. Passengers can hail an Uber from the comfort of their homes and offices. In no time, there was a demand for scheduling Uber rides before time. People needed to be able to pre-schedule ride requests to help tackle their busy schedules. This prompted Uber to release the Uber booking feature to enable passengers book Uber. The Uber booking feature greatly improved the service asFull Story