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Pre-book Uber Or Last Minute Booking


Have you ever tried to request an Uber and discovered there weren’t any available drivers? This prompted Uber users to ask the pertinent question; “Why can’t I Schedule Uber?” Also, there is the inconvenience of walking to the road side to hail a local cab. Pre-book Uber

To pre-book Uber is a better alternative to last minute booking for various reasons: 

Pre-book Uber Vs Last minute Booking


  • Escaping the last minute dash for an Uber

As stated above, there is a tendency that Uber drivers may not be readily available when you need them or there might have to be a longer waiting period for the Uber driver closest to you to arrive. This will be an unpleasant wait if you are in a rush to go someplace. Pre-booking an Uber beforehand will help you secure an Uber even when there is a dearth of available rides.


  • Saves Time

If you have an appointment you do not want to be late for, pre-booking is the way to go. That way, you can focus on being in a calm state of mind for your meeting rather than fixated with trying to get an Uber driver in the last minute.


  • Keeps you Organised

Do you love to have your week or entire month mapped out? Then pre-book Uber and follow your itinerary as planned. Create a log of locations you will be visiting for the week and prebook Uber for every specific location. Even if you will be taking a trip, prebooking Uber will ensure you have a ride waiting for you at an airport and also help you get to all possible locations on time during your trip.


If you have a problem scheduling rides with Uber, our Kommen app can do the same at no cost to you. The Kommen app is an android based app that allows you schedule an Uber for up to 30 days away. The kommen app is your reliable Uber companion as it calls Uber rides on your behalf.


How does Kommen Work:

Below, we have a clear step-by-step breakdown on how to use the Kommen app to schedule your Uber rides: 


  • Download Kommen

If you haven’t already downloaded Kommen, download the Kommen app from the Google Play store here. For now, the Kommen app is only available for Android users.


  • Sign in with your Uber account

If you are not already signed in, you just need to sign in once to Kommen with your Uber account, so we can call rides on your behalf.


  • Open the Kommen App

You should be on the “Scheduled Ubers” screen now.


  • Click the “+” sign at the top right of the App

To schedule Uber using the “New Uber Form” click on the + sign.


  • Fill out the “New Uber Form”
  1. Fill out the following :
  2. Pickup Location
  3. Destination
  4. Uber Type: (UberX, UberBlack, UberGo, and UberPool are some of the available options, depending on your pickup location).


  • Click Schedule Later

To schedule Uber, click on the scheduled later button.


  • Select Pickup time and date

To pre book Uber, select your pickup time and date, and you are almost done.


  • Select your Backup Ride

If you don’t have it saved in your settings, you have to select a backup ride, otherwise you just need to click “Confirm Uber” and your scheduled Uber should arrive at your selected date and time.


Available Countries Pre-book Uber

Kommen is currently available in over 30 countries across the world, with strategic expansion plans with time. The current Kommen countries include: Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Denmark, (UAE) Dubai, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Jordan, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Israel, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Republic of Ireland, South Africa, UAE, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and the United States.

You can always visit www.trykommen.com today to get more information about the Kommen app.

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