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Top Snorkeling Destinations In Europe


Snorkeling is a water activity that involves swimming through water while equipped with diving gear. You get to see marine life in their natural habitat and explore underwater landscapes as you swim. There are great snorkeling destinations in Europe and this post will shed some light on some of them. See below our list for top snorkeling destinations in Europe: snorkeling destinations in Europe


The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Land down under is home to this Unesco’s World Heritage Site. The reef spreads over thousands of kilometers and houses various species of fish that range from sharks to crocodiles and every other imaginable specie of aquatic animal you are hoping to see. It’s a beauty to behold.


Illes Medes, Spain

This collection of islands in Costa Brava is a great destination for snorkeling in Europe. The islands are very rocky and therefore not a good place for fishing or a lot of water activity. This means snorkelers get to enjoy the activity with little or no distractions. See various types of fish like starfish, barracudas, and different sea plants.


Makarska, Croatia

Makarska beach may not be as popular as other popular snorkeling destinations in Europe but it is just as great. See amazing aquatic life in clear waters like shell fish, crabs, octopuses and even sea horses. There are also colorful water plants like sponges and even corals.


Isola Rossa, Italy

Located in Sardinia, Italy, the beaches in Isola Rossa are quite sandy with clear blue waters. See various pools that can be sometimes shallow or deep depending on the area you choose to explore. This doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of fish to see when you snorkel in the beautiful beaches. It’s a great spot to also vacation with family


Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Thinking about a vacation in the Cayman Islands? Well you can add snorkeling to the list of activities to do when you arrive. The clear blue water is the perfect destination for snorkeling. If you are traveling with family, the Seven miles beach in the Caymans is a perfect fit. Kaibo beach with its selection of jazz bars is great for you and your friends.

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  1. This article is really nice . We are planning for a trip to Europe. This article helps us to do snorkeling in the following destinations. Thanks for the nice article:)

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