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Types of Accommodation In Singapore


Singapore is a modern city that experiences a regular influx of expats streaming in for either business or pleasure.

Many business travelers have found their way to the country to conduct all kinds of businesses at one point. Singapore is regarded as the biggest and busiest business hub in South East Asia. It’s important to know how to maximize your stay and get the most out of your trip. Securing the right accommodation in Singapore for the duration of your stay is paramount. There are many options to choose from and settling on one accommodation type will depend on first, your budget and then your preferences. If you are looking to splurge on vacation, pinching pennies, on a business trip or traveling with family; there is something for every need. Accommodation In Singapore

There is a scarcity of land space in Singapore and this fact has informed the types of accommodation available in the country.


 Types of Accommodation In Singapore


Long Term Stay

You can opt for public or private housing. If you will be staying for an extended period of time, you can choose any of the below options in Singapore:



These are luxury apartments designed like private houses. They are suited for well paid executives. It can become yours only after you have lived in it for 5 years. These condos come furnished with various amenities that may or may not include washing machines for clothes and dishes, television and even a microwave.



These are not really cheap but stress –free and easy. They are cheaper than condos. With these apartments, you get access to rooms of different sizes. They are favored by expats. You can opt for the government subsidized HDB flat or opt for private housing which is more expensive. These government subsidized flats are not readily available but if you are lucky, you may get to rent one. They are mostly inhabited by locals.



They are detached private buildings that come with in-built entertainment and relaxation centers. They are pretty pricy and only about a thousand of them can be found in the entire country.


Semi- detached

These houses are attached to one another on one side but are actually distinct houses. They just happen to share walls.


Shop houses

These are 2-3 storey building homes with historical value that have sometimes undergone renovations. They can be found around the city.


Short term stay


Metro Residences

If you will be staying in Singapore for a month or more, you should try out Singapore’s Metro Residences. Metro Residences are Singapore’s Airbnb styled lodging for business travelers. It connects business travelers to listed corporate-like apartments. It’s cheaper than hotels and is located downtown with easy access to popular areas.



If you will be staying for a short time in Singapore, hotels are a safe bet. You can find something to suit your budget by visiting the numerous websites that facilitate hotel booking worldwide. You can also opt for guesthouses as they are more budget friendly.



Looking for a home away from home and a convenient accommodation? Airbnb will help you get situated if you do not like hotels. You can book rooms or an entire apartment through the Airbnb app and also verify your choice by reading up on customer reviews.


That’s all there is to know about accommodations in Singapore. Happy hunting!