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Hostel or Hotel? Which Best Suits You


Are you going on vacation and wondering the best accommodation that suits you? This post will review whether to opt for a hostel or hotel and we will also review a few pros and cons for choosing either accommodation type.

Please note that your decision to stay in either a hostel or hotel will depend on the following factors:

  • The primary factor is your budget for the trip

Now if you are visiting family and staying with them, accommodation is already sorted. If you will be in charge of securing a place to stay, you need to ensure you secure appropriate lodging. Depending on your budget, you can decide what works for you.


  • Destination

Also, your choice of accommodation depends on what country you will be visiting. You will need to research what your daily budget will be, cost of airfare and other possible expenditures. Some countries are more budget friendly than others. Once you have researched all the aforementioned, you can decide if to choose a hostel or hotel. Hostel or Hotel


  • Length of stay

Also consider your length of stay and if your budget can pay for a lengthy stay in a hotel or if you will be better off in a hostel.


Hostel or Hotel? Where To Stay



Hostels are cheap accommodation options usually with shared bedrooms and shared communal facilities like kitchen, bathroom and toilets. Sometimes, you have to bring your own sheets and you’ll be tasked with getting your own breakfast.


  • They are idle for young people who are backpacking or traveling solo.
  • Another great way to save good money while on holiday is by lodging in hostels.
  • They are quite affordable
  • Affords you the opportunity to interact with other lodgers



  • Shared communal facilities
  • There might be no housekeeping
  • Lack of privacy



Hotels are great but expensive if you are travelling on a budget. However if you are insistent on staying in a hotel, there are cheaper options that won’t put a huge dent in your savings.

Hotels can range from dirt cheap to pricy and the cost of stay corresponds with the type of service offered. Hotels are graded according to stars from 0 – 5. The number of stars is an official guarantee of quality service and comfort. So review your budget and decide just how much you are willing to sacrifice for either the basic amenities or a higher level of comfort. You can decide to book a hotel via their official website or opt for hotel booking websites that offer great deals that match those offered by the hotel itself.



  • It is easy to check in to and out of a hotel
  • You can get housekeeping free while some hotels require some fees for maid service.
  • There is availability of choice: You can opt for a single room, double room or family rooms where you can stay with your children, or connecting adjoining rooms.
  • Hotel facilities will make your stay more comfortable. For example, availability of a swimming pool, spa, room service.
  • You can book online and see hotel reviews
  • You are assured of privacy



  • Might be too pricey especially in top tourist cities
  • Low budget hotel facilities may be comparable to hostels



At the end of the day, your need and budget trumps every other reason for deciding whether to stay in a hostel or hotel. If you are uncomfortable with sharing facilities like bathrooms and even rooms, its best to go with a hotel.