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What To Know Before You Visit Rome


Rome, the Italian capital city is home to sprawling landscapes, impressive architecture and a culture that has evolved over time. From touring some of the most amazing architecture dating back thousands of years; to indulging in the most appetizing food, there is a lot to see and do in Rome.

Not to forget, Italy has the reputation of offering the most enticing pizza; so you can eat to your satisfaction. However, before you begin planning the most epic vacation, there are a couple of things to know before you visit Rome. This knowledge will guide you through your trip and will prove to be handy while exploring the city. Visit Rome


What To Know Before You Visit Rome


Pack Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

Before you visit Rome, you might have to go shopping. It’s important to pack clothing that allows you to dress in layers. This way you can take off certain items when it gets really warm. Pack a pair of comfortable pants and shoes as well. There is always a need for these, trust me. You will be doing some walking around and exploring so it’s best to be very comfortable. Also, carry along a big scarf during your tours so that you can cover yourself for certain places that have strict dress codes.


Do not take anything offered for free

While walking along the streets, be careful to avoid anyone who tries to place free wares on your body. If they offer you anything for free, politely decline or else you will be forced to pay for it.


Be wary of Pick Pockets

In most touristy cities, pick pockets abound looking to prey on possible victims. So, be aware of your surroundings. If you reach into your pockets for your wallet, you may alert pickpockets who will see where you keep your wallet. Opt for a fanny pack instead.

The fanny pack around your waist is where you keep your cash and relevant documents. Keep it zipped up and tightened around your waist to keep your valuables safe.


Using public transport

If you will be travelling with kids, you are in luck. Children below 10 can ride the metro for free in Rome. Also, it is wise to spring for more than a day pass. You can buy a 3 day pass; 7 day pass or a month pass. Also, you can use the same pass for both the train and bus.


Bottled Water is quite expensive

The good news is that the water from the fountains all over the city is totally drinkable. So ensure you carry a water bottle so you can fill up from the fountain.


Carry Cash

Since you will be doing loads of exploring, make sure you carry cash with you. You will be eating on the road and may not find the time for fancy restaurants during your tour. I will advise you carry some loose change and your credit and debit cards. If you run out of cash, simply visit an ATM and withdraw any amount you like. Also, alert your bank before making an international trip so your cards are not frozen.


Have fun in Rome.