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Visiting Singapore? What You Should Know


Visiting Singapore can be a great vacation destination as there are attractions for both the young and old. This modern country experiences a regular influx of expats streaming in for either business or pleasure. There is a lot to do and see in Singapore. You can visit Little India, a hideaway to make you feel right at home. Also, the Marina Bay provides a breathtaking view that is great for long walks. See the infinity pool where you can splash and splurge in the waters.

The country boasts accessible road networks and various transport options for getting around and sightseeing. If you will be visiting Singapore for the first time, here are a few things you should know:


Tips For Visiting Singapore


Singapore is expensive

There is a scarcity of land space in Singapore and this fact has informed the types of accommodation available in the country. This also means that accommodation in the country is quite expensive.

Owning a car in Singapore is a huge financial commitment. Vehicle owners are plagued with Insurance costs, Electronic Road pricing (ERP) charges, Road Tax, Certificate of Entitlement premium (COE) and others. This also means car rentals are expensive in Singapore and should be given a lot of consideration. I will advise you use the well maintained public transport system like the trains. If you must rent a car, rent for a few days.

Taxis are metered in Singapore but if you still find them expensive, opt for Uber. You can schedule an Uber ahead by using the third party app Kommen.

Visiting Singapore


Singapore is a safe country

Singapore was marked as the second safest city in the world in 2015. Violence and criminal activities are low and almost non-existent. This modernized city is in a backdrop of natural beauty and greenery.


International Business Hub

Singapore is also regarded as the biggest and busiest business hub in South East Asia. Many business travelers have found their way to the country to conduct different kinds of businesses at one point. Hence, you will find out that most people speak English very well.


Food is cheap

Food is cheap and plentiful. If you want to experience real Singaporean cuisine at affordable rates, head to the hawker centers. A hawk center is a food market that where people can serve themselves. For $2 – $5, you can have a full meal.


Chewing gum is frowned upon

This is so serious that people who sell gum can be thrown in Jail. However, do not get scared. Just politely toss any gum you might have before entering the country.


Tipping is not mandatory

In restaurants, tipping is not mandatory as the bill for your meal is inclusive of service charge. Hence, no one is expecting you to tip. If you feel like it, then by all means tip.


Happy Travels!