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Tips for Flying with a Baby


If you will be flying with a baby, it is important to do be prepared for the trip so you aren’t strung out. A fussing and cranky baby can make you want to pull your hair out. Carry out some research before booking your flight so that you can have a pleasant flight if possible.


Tips for Flying with a Baby

Before we dive right in, it is important to note that a new-born has a lower immune system. Travelling in a cramped space with an infant below 3 months can expose the child to infections. This also applies when travelling by road or by plane. Try to keep from flying or long road trips till your baby is above 3 months old. Flying with a Baby

Ready? See our top tips for flying with a baby below:


  1. Spring for an extra seat on the plane

If you will be flying long hours, carrying a baby on your lap or your chest can become burdensome. It is advisable to spring for an extra seat on the plane and strap your baby inside a car seat. A rear facing child restraint is recommended for babies below 20 pounds. By buying an extra seat, you can relax while flying and your baby is comfortable as well


  1. Check-in as much bags as you can

In-flight, you will have your hands full with the baby, diaper bag and your carry-on. This should be all you have to worry about. If you can check in all your bags, please do so. Just keep your diaper bag with you. Please keep all you will need for the baby handy so you don’t have to up-end your bag just to reach some essentials like baby food and snacks.


  1. Feed the baby during take-off and landing

Cabin pressure can have your baby’s ears ringing and have the little one fussing as a result. When the baby sucks on your breast or the bottle, the act can equalize the pressure in the ears. A great tip is to feed the baby during take-off and landing.


  1. Pack entertainment

You do not want to forget the games and toys. Bored kids can get really needy and you do not want to be in this situation.


  1. Use the bathroom before boarding

Try to visit the bathroom as much as you can before the flight. This way your baby can have your full attention for the entire duration of your flight. It is not easy carrying a baby while you use the airplane’s tiny restroom.


  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help

A screaming baby will definitely attract some unsympathetic looks from other passengers but don’t let that worry you. Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.


Happy flying!

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