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Planning Tips For The Business Traveller


As a business traveller, planning ahead is very important. If you were travelling for leisure, It might not matter if you leave certain parts of your trip to chance but this will be a huge mistake for business travellers. Let’s go on to review a few tips that will ensure you have a stress free business trip: business traveller


  • Create a Checklist

Tick items of your checklist once its completed. Do a quick run-through of all your travel documents and all other documents necessary for the trip. You do not want to arrive at the airport and then rush back home because you forgot your passport. Also make a checklist of all the paperwork required for the meetings you will be attending. This way, you are not racking your brain on the plane and wondering if you forgot anything.


  • Arrive at the Airport With Hours to Spare

You should arrive at the airport at least two hours before your plane’s departure. This may look like too much time to spare but you have to remember that the goal is a stress free trip. You do not want to panic or rush at the last minute as this may make you frustrated or more importantly forget something that is necessary for your trip. Besides by leaving home early, you can escape long lines at the check –in point, security issues or even traffic.

Scheduling your rides ahead is one way to guarantee you don’t arrive at your destination looking lost. Ensuring that you have adequate transportation while on your trip is crucial and we suggest you try Uber. The schedule Uber function on the Uber app is not available in every Uber city, so it is important to have a backup app like Kommen to call Uber rides on your behalf. The Kommen app requests Uber rides for you in every city that Uber operates in. After scheduling rides on the Kommen app, the kommen ride card will show you a log of all your scheduled rides. business traveller

As a business traveller riddled with back to back meetings, you can schedule up to 5 trips at once. As a backup, you can document this scheduled trips in your calendar and activate daily notifications. This way, you do not forget important meetings. To download the Kommen app, visit www.trykommen.com


  • Research

Hotels  and restaurants in some urban cities can be pretty expensive. As a business traveller on the company’s dime, you might have the opportunity to splurge a little (If you aren’t placed on a budget). However, if this is a self-sponsored trip, it is important to research pocket friendly restaurants to eat in. You might have to search a little more for inexpensive but clean hotels. This will help you not to spend more than you can afford. So once you land, you already know where you are headed.


Apply these few tips and you will be sure to have a worry free trip.

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