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Tips To Save Money On Vacation


Most people are usually preoccupied with saving enough money to go on a trip and miss the fact that you can save money while on vacation.

Keep in mind that you do not make primary plans based on the money to be saved; however, you can make secondary plans on things to do after ticking items off your travel itinerary and you happen to have some money left.

save money on vacation

Let’s jump right in.

Save Money on Vacation

You can employ these simple strategies to save money while on the road:

  1. Bring your own snacks for the airport

You can start saving right from the airport. It’s common knowledge that the price of food at any airport is outrageous. So if you have a long waiting period ahead of you, it is better to come with your own snacks. That way, you can avoid the hunger pangs that may prompt you to spend more than you bargained for at the airport.

  1. Catch Public Transportation 

Using public transportation is typically cheaper than private travel. If you must ride in luxury, be sure to do it when it’s really important. You can use the train, subways and even the bus. Just be sure to ask for the right bus or train to take, this way you don’t end up lost and having to pay extra.

  1. Use Uber if you must travel in Comfort

Uber is a cheap but luxurious way to travel. In most cities, Uber is usually cheaper than traditional taxis. You can also download the Kommen app that allows you schedule Uber up to 30 days ahead wherever there is Uber.

  1. Visit places with free Wifi service

Try to book hotels that offer free wifi. This way you can use your apps downloaded on your phone to reach loved ones. Making international phone calls can be pretty expensive and a great way to reduce those costs is by using apps that make calls over the internet.

  1. Research pocket friendly restaurants

It’s important to research cheap places to eat around where you will be lodging before even boarding the plane. It is not wise to go searching for restaurants when you are hungry as this may prompt you to spend more than you have budgeted.

  1. Buy street food and have a picnic when you can

A good way to also save money is by buying street food and eating it at the park. Restaurants are usually expensive so you save money by buying clean and healthy street food. Find a park bench, sit and enjoy your meal. You can even meet new people when you do this.

  1. Find friends in the new city and visit places together

A great way to find out if your friends are in the same city as you is by sharing your location on social media handles. Please do not share your exact location as there might be crazy people lurking around and you end up with stalkers or even worse. Just give a general idea of your location and invite friends to find you or vice versa. This way you can have people to share trips and even experiences with.

  1. When in doubt, talk to Locals

Do not make the mistake of figuring out unfamiliar terrains yourself. You may get lost and end up paying dearly for your mistake; pun intended. When in doubt, approach a friendly local or a policeman around and ask for directions. Do not get lost. Getting lost is an expensive mistake.

  1. Try hostels and guesthouses

Another great way to save good money while on holiday is by lodging in hostels or guesthouses. You can even swap houses online or find a person letting out a room for a week or so. AirBnB is a great way to find affordable accommodation in strange cities. These are cheaper alternatives to hotels

  1. Walk as much as you can

Besides helping you get much needed exercise, walking is another way to save money. If your destination isn’t so far, try to walk. Walk as much as you can and save money on transportation.


We hope you found these tips helpful, be sure to share your own tips in the comment section.

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