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What To Know Before You Visit Malta


There are a couple of things to before you visit Malta. The beautiful island of Malta is a delight to explore and a recommended vacation destination. You can tour the Island’s historic sites reminiscent of its exciting history and former ancient rulers. You can also pay a visit to the Island’s numerous fortresses, temples and other ancient buildings dating back thousands of centuries. Malta presents tourists a rare opportunity to explore ancient culture while in the present.

Beware of the trappings of Malta as the Island has ensnared many tourists and turned them into residents. If you are also looking to soak up some sun and lounge at the beach, Malta is a typical holiday destination to meet this need. visit malta

Before packing your bags and making a beeline for the airport, see below a couple of things to know before you visit Malta:


Malta can appear crowded

Malta has a small population size below 500,000. However, when compared to the country’s land mass of just about 122 square miles, the Island is quite crowded. The communities tend to stick pretty close which could be a good thing or otherwise since everybody knows everybody.


The heat can be overwhelming during the summer

During the summer, the heat brings humid nights and sweltering heats during the day. It’s important to pack on the sunscreen and bathing suits if you will be spending a lot of time at the beach. The best time to visit Malta is between November and March as the weather averages 17°C during winter.


Most people speak English

The Island of Malta is greatly influenced by its history. The country has thrived under the leadership of the French, Romans, Moors and even the British in the past. The blending of all these influences has transformed Malta into a modern Mediterranean country. Most of the population speaks English, some speak Italian and others French.


Getting Around Malta

Driving can be a little rough and you have to be careful or you will get screamed at. Bus travel is a cheap and convenient way to explore the country as they reach almost every part of the Island. For $3, you can go anywhere you want. However, be aware that the buses can be a little crowded. I will recommend renting a car. Car rentals in Malta are quite affordable. If you have a car at your disposal, you have the liberty to do some exploring on your own schedule. You have the independence to visit all the attractions you want to see without paying exorbitant taxi fares.


The Island has 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The country capital, Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a concentration of historical monuments (over 300 monuments). If you are looking to do some cultural exploration, you should look to stay in Valletta. Other Heritage sites are the Megalithic Temples of Malta and the Neolithic Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni located in Paola, Malta.




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