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Top Things To Know About Morocco


Do you have a hankering for exotic dishes cooked with the tastiest spices? Do you need a break from the norm and looking for new experiences? Then you should consider Morocco as your next holiday destination. There are a few things you need to know about Morocco before visiting.

Morocco is a tourist friendly country and is not as conservative as people assume. Many have refused to visit this beautiful city as the people are perceived as very religious and non-friendly. This is hardly true. Tourists are warmly welcomed by locals. There may about moroccoexist some unfriendly locals but I think this group of people can be found in every city.

Are you considering Morocco for your next holiday? You have come to the right place. In the post, we will review top things you should know about Morocco.


Top Things To Know About Morocco


  1. Your Euro, Pounds and dollars are useful at the airport and in most restaurants.

We noticed that most items being sold at the airport were priced in Euros. We found this a little confusing. Upon our departure from the country, we got to the airport in Casablanca and wanted to spend our remaining Dirham. All the stores refused to accept local currency and priced their goods in Euros. This was a clear departure from what we experienced in the city where Dirham was the local currency. Some restaurants and stores also accepted foreign currencies.


  1. English is barely spoken by locals

Most of the locals speak passable English so don’t worry too much. We found that the vendors in the market and our host at the hotel could communicate in English. Just signal you don’t speak French, Berber or Arabic and they will try to communicate in English. Most traders had an understanding of English so you will be fine.


  1. Dress comfortably

There is a lot to see and places to go so dress comfortable. I have read many articles that seem to dictate how people should dress while in Morocco. Since the country is viewed as very religious, people opine that visitors dress modestly. This informed my parking choice. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see other tourists in tank tops and shorts and they were not harassed by locals. Moroccans didn’t seem to care how tourists dressed.


  1. Get ready to indulge in pastries, candy and ice-cream

It was a bit surprising to see how the locals loved their sweets but I didn’t come across one obese Moroccan. Every restaurant had mouth-watering displays of pastries to indulge in. Each supermarket boasted a fridge that held varieties of ice-cream within it.


  1. Bread, Bread and more Bread.

Once you settle down for a meal; whether in a restaurant or at the market, you are presented with round shaped, flat bread as a starter.  This was the most interesting thing i learnt about Morocco. Three days into our trip, my travel companions complained that they found it difficult to relieve themselves after consuming bread with every meal. Remember to drink lots of water as you chow down on your bread.


  1. Research the weather

We had heard stories about how warm Morocco can get and didn’t park for the cold that assaulted us on arrival. Research the weather and when it says it’s really warm; throw in a jacket or a heavy sweater just in case.


  1. Make sure you have a bowl of Tajine

Your trip will be incomplete without having a bowl of Tajine cooked in a Tajine pot. It is a slow cooked stew made with poultry, meats or fish and spices. We noticed that Moroccan foods seem to be devoid of pepper and salt so be sure to pack some if you like your food really tasty.


  1. Always Haggle and don’t be shy to walk away

If the traders notice you are a foreigner, they tend to hike up the prices of their goods. Always slash the prices offered in half and start haggling from there.


  1. Remember to change your Dirham back to dollars or Euro before check-in

The duty-free stores at the airport do not accept local currency as all goods are priced in Euros. Change your local currency back to Dollars or Euros so you can shop at the duty-free shops.


Have a pleasant stay in Morocco.

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