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Top Things To Do In Malta


Beware of the trappings of Malta as the Island has ensnared many tourists and turned them into residents. There is a lot to do in Malta, so be prepared to have an amazing time as you tour the Island. The country is a delight to explore and a recommended vacation destination. You can tour the Island’s historic sites reminiscent of its exciting history and former ancient rulers. You can also pay a visit to the Island’s numerous fortresses, temples and other ancient buildings dating back thousands of centuries. Malta presents tourists a rare opportunity to explore ancient culture while in the present.

We will explore the top things to do in Malta.

Things To Do In Malta


Malta at War Museum

This museum explores the war history of Malta starting from the Great Siege in World War II. Located in Vittoriosa, the museum pays homage to people who defended the Island and lost their lives. The guides at the museum speak English and will take you on an informative tour around the museum. Have fun seeing history come to life through the use of audio visuals that depict how people spent long nights in tunnels and the bombardment of dockyards at the Grand harbor by the Germans. Also see a wide collection of war memorabilia like military uniforms and medals.

Things To Do In Malta



The silent city of Mdina was home to dignitaries and the Island’s noble families Visiting Mdina is one of my top things to do in Malta. The city was previously occupied by the Romans, Arabs, and the British. The Cobbled streets are narrow and interwoven, lined with impressive architecture and quaint shops. Mdina was the old capital city of Malta.


Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

The Neolithic Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni located in Paola is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Hypogeum which means “Underground” in Greek dates back to around 3000 BC and is said to be the burial complex of over 7,000 bodies buried over a thousand year period. It was closed down for about 10 years due to damage to the walls by carbon monoxide exhaled by tourists. Now that it is re-opened, visitors are limited to 10 persons per tour.


Go Diving

During the summer, the heat brings humid nights and sweltering heats during the day. So, if you are looking for some fun water activities, Malta is the place for you. There are centers all over the Island that offer diving courses for all. The Island is popular for having clear blue waters that provide idle scuba destinations. You can hop on over the Island of Gozo, one of Malta’s 21 Islands for some scuba diving fun.



The country capital, Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a concentration of historical monuments (over 300 monuments). If you are looking to do some cultural exploration, you should look to stay in Valletta. The city was built by the Knights of Malta as a military fortress, with fortifications designed to repel external forces. In the city, you will find the St. John’s Cathedral and it also provides great views of the Grand Harbour.


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