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Top Things To Do in Melbourne, Australia


The city of Melbourne is not without its own share of adventures. There is a lot to do and places to explore. Go parachuting in the Great Ocean Road; see amazing views of the rain-forest by riding the open train in Puffy Billy Railway. You can also swing by the Queen Victoria market or see amazing aquatic life at the Sea Life Things To Do in MelbourneMelbourne Aquarium. Be prepared for daring adventures and amazing sights when you visit Melbourne, Australia.

In this post, we will be reviewing in detail top things to do in Melbourne, Australia

Top Things To Do in Melbourne, Australia


Queen Victoria Market

This is my top thing to do in Melbourne because I love to shop. So if you will be doing some shopping for friends at home, I urge you to swing by this market. You will find fresh produce, arts, clothes and all the souvenirs you need to take back home. You can also sign up to take a tour of the market if you do not want to shop alone.


Royal Botanical Gardens

This particular site draws over 1 million visitors annually and is simply a must see attraction in Melbourne. Spreading over 94 acres and spanning across Melbourne and Cranbourne, the garden was created in 1846 and houses ten thousand species of plants. The greatest thing about the botanical garden is that entrance is free and it is an ideal spot for a picnic.


Melbourne Cricket Ground

Popularly known as the “G”, the Melbourne Cricket Ground has played host to Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. It is known as one of the world’s largest stadium with a capacity of 100, 000 people. It hosts cricket games in the summer and the Australian Football League during winter. Sign up for a tour of the grounds or take a trip during summer to catch a cricket game.


Melbourne Zoo

Heard of the award winning “Trail of the Elephants”? You will find it in the Melbourne Zoo. Have fun taking in the wondrous sights that includes watching Orangutans on treetops. The Melbourne zoo was established in 1861 making it the third oldest zoo in the world. It is the perfect attraction for animal lovers.


National Gallery of Victoria

This gallery plays house to over 70,000 works of art and was designed by Sir Roy Grounds. The National Gallery of Victoria is located at St. Kilda Road. It originally opened in 1968 and has undergone extensive renovations. A most sought after attraction within the museum is the Great Hall where visitors gaze at a large stained glass ceiling while lying on the floor.




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