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Travelling To Europe? Tips to Pack Smart


Are you planning a trip to Europe and worried about what to pack for your trip? We will share some useful tips to ensure you are prepared and ready for any surprises the continent of Europe might spring on you. Before we delve in any deeper, there is a strict rule any newbie travelling to Europe must abide by especially if the trip is to an unfamiliar terrain. We must emphasize on the need to travel light or pack light in this instance. As you pack, be sure to mentally juxtapose every tip shared with this rule as this way; you do not get carried away as you pack.
travelling to europe

How to Pack When Travelling To Europe?


Tip 1 – Creating an Itinerary

Well, this point seems pretty obvious. If you do not have an idea what you will be doing in Europe, how will you know what to pack? Without an itinerary, the chances are you might end up with packing the wrong things for your trip.

Creating a travel Itinerary is not tasking. To create a perfect itinerary for your trip, take note of the following points below:

  • Carry out proper research on the city you will be visiting
  • Identify what city and airport you will be arriving in
  • How do you get from the airport to where you will be lodging
  • Places to eat
  • Things to do
  • The mode of transportation that suits you
  • The weather at the time of your visit

TripIt is a great itinerary app to have with you as you travel. You can have all your confirmations, tickets, receipts, hotel bookings, reservations and loads of other stuff combined in one place.

By carrying out the tasks above, you can create a near perfect itinerary to guide you through out your trip.


Tip 2 – Select the right luggage

After identifying all you will be doing on your trip, it’s time to find the right luggage to fit all you need. Basically, i will recommend just 2 types of luggage: travelling to europe

  • The backpack
  • Wheeled bag or suitcase

Let’s shed more light on these types of luggage.

The Travel Back Pack

For the backpack, keep testing the weight against your upper body strength regularly as you pack. You don’t want to finish packing and realize the bag is tipping you over. Get a backpack that will keep your back straight and balanced.

We recommend the sturdy KAKA backpack that is large enough to fit a ton of stuff. You can also try the weekend Shopper Lightweight that is easier to carry and doesn’t require much strength to carry.


The wheeled suitcase

Test the strength of the wheels to be sure they roll and can handle heavy luggage before deciding to use it for your trip. A neat trick for selecting a suitcase is choosing one that has a soft front/shell or soft sides. The soft sided luggage is adjustable and can allow you pack more items into your suitcase. Also, it can handle bumps and manhandling without the fear of cracking.

The travelers choice travel Select Amsterdam suitcases is a great choice for travelers. You can find them here. There are also pricey and less pricey suitcases to choose from. It all depends on what suits you.


So, if you will rather roll your suitcase or carry your luggage on your bag, the choice is entirely up to you.


Tip 3 – Download The Right Apps

Having the right apps on your phone can make travelling to a new location fun. Note- When travelling it might be a good idea to get an international data plan, so take the time out to download the right apps that will help elevate your European travel experience.

For Navigational apps, i suggest you download google maps app to help you find your way if you are lost. Also consider downloading the Waze app, if you will be doing some driving (I particularly love this app). It is also important to have at least one rideshare app on your phone. Uber has a wider international presence than most rideshare apps and can be found in a lot of cities. If you want to travel in comfort, Uber fares are cheap and will be a good choice. You can also download the Kommen app that helps you schedule Uber in advance- anywhere there is uber. You can schedule up to 5 rides at once and book Uber rides for up to 30 days ahead.

It will be very expensive to make phone calls to your loved ones at home. You can download apps like Skype to help you make internet calls. To use your apps, try to stay in lodgings that offer free wifi- this will help you cut costs as well.


Tip 4 – What To Wear


If you plan to stay indoors throughout your trip, go hiking, dancing, dinner dates and so on, your choice of planned activities will decide what to pack for your trip. However, it’s better to err on the side of caution than to end up packing useless stuff you may not use or even wear. Also, it’s important to research the weather in Europe so you can decide whether to pack warm or not. Just be sure to pack some clothes that are suitable for all weather. To begin, see the following useful tips when packing what to wear during your trip:

  • Pack similar colors. I usually opt for neutral colors that can go with almost anything like navy, brown, black and white.
  • If you plan to shop on your trip, logic dictates you have to pack a few clothing- you can wear what you buy.
  • Avoid clothes that will be hard to maintain and you can only wear once
  • Purchase underwear that allows your naughty bits to breathe. Underwear that dries fast is also a good idea- This goes for both male and female underwear. As much as possible, avoid cotton underwear. You can click the following links for our top picks of recommended male and female travel underwear.
  • Pick a handbag that can fit a lot of items but is also handy.
  • Opt for Comfortable footwear
  • Remember to pack a pair of sunshades.


Tip 5 – Accessories

This tip is really crucial as it involves packing those little things that are easy to forget but are really important. First of all, i will suggest getting two accessory bags that can fold. The first bag is for your toiletries; while the other is for your little gadgets.

I have very delicate skin, so i always remember to buy little jars of my body lotion and bath soap that can fit nicely into my accessory bag. I fear that i might not find my toiletries easily in a new city. If you are in this same boat, remember to stock up.

For the second accessory bag, you can try to fit in these little helpful accessories:

We hope you found this guide helpful? Feel free to let us know how well you implemented the tips above and share more tips with us.

Wishing you safe travels.


If you would like to enhance your travel experience, and are an Uber rider, give our app (Kommen) a try – it is available only on the Android platform for now, but will be available on the IOS and windows platform soon. To get a notification when we become available for downloads on IOS, click here:www.trykommen.com/

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