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Making the Uber App Your Reliable Companion


No man is an island. People tend to move from place to place for various reasons that range from commerce to fostering relationships. Transportation, either public or private is the means to achieve this feat. Sometimes, driving can be a stressful activity and we have to rely on public mode of transport. Uber app

There are also instances where there is a need to travel alone and we have to rely on taxis or private hire vehicles. However, taxis are not always reliable and convenient and that’s where app based ridehailing services like Uber come into play.

The Uber app helps passengers request rides from the comfort of any location as long as there is access to the internet. Uber riders place a request through the Uber app and get matched with registered Uber drivers who pick them up right at their doorsteps. Uber’s business model makes it a reliable companion. If you need to be at a certain place at any time of the day and do not want to be worried about finding an available ride, Uber is the way to go. The schedule Uber feature is supposed to make the Uber app reliable, however the service is not available in every city.

You can schedule rides in every Uber city with the new Kommen app. This app acts as a companion to your Uber app to give you the best ride experience. Kommen is a third party app that can schedule Uber rides ahead of time. You can even book rides for immediate use, schedule up to 5 rides at once and cancel scheduled rides with the Kommen app. With Kommen, Uber remains your reliable companion

Instances where Kommen has helped Uber’s reliability:


  •      Are you a busy traveller? Schedule your Uber ride in advance and check getting a ride off your to do list
  •       If your pickup location has high wait times for Uber, Kommen will keep calling rides for you automatically even when your driver cancels
  •       If you are an Uber rider who regularly run out of Battery power, why don’t you just schedule your ride before your phone dies?
  •       Plan your week even month ahead when you schedule up to 5 rides at once with Kommen.

To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com

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