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What To Do When you Get Sick Abroad


Imagine planning the most epic vacation coupled with an itinerary that is sure to stir jealousy in the hearts of many; only to arrive at your destination and you begin to feel ill. Things can take another turn when you realize you are in another country. It is a scary feeling and can be quite expensive if you don’t have enough funds to get necessary medication. Get Sick Abroad

We wouldn’t want anything to put a damper on your plans so it’s best to be prepared. In this post, we will share some tips to help you cope when you get sick abroad.


What To Do When you Get Sick Abroad


Get Travel Health Insurance

There are huge benefits to having travel insurance and they range from recovering stolen luggage to helping you pay for medical care when you get sick abroad. Getting medical insurance is paramount and is an important coverage your travel insurance must provide. Here are the two types of medical care your travel insurance can provide:

  • Emergency Medical Care:  This is the most important aspect of a travel insurance policy as it covers the cost of treatment for a medical emergency while traveling. Most US health plans don’t cover you abroad; this simply means if you fall ill in a foreign country, you have to pay the entire cost of medical care yourself. So how much medical coverage should your insurance provider offer?

According to Squaremouth.com, it is recommended that the medical coverage last enough to cover at least a week in the hospital.

  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation:You can also opt for Medical evacuation which requires being airlifted in a medical transport helicopter. This coverage arranges and pays for medical transport to a treatment center, or to return you home if necessary. This will require a higher coverage but solely if you feel the need to as it is not as urgent as that of medical care.


Pack a First Aid Kit

Pack a first aid kit with the essentials like band aids, prescriptions, Mosquito repellant and other off the counter medications like cold pills, pain pills, antacid, and medicine for diarrhea, motion sickness, and sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. Be sure to pack your medication and some extra ones. This way, when you get a little sick abroad, you can treat non-grave illnesses before escalating if it gets worse.



It is important to get vaccinations before you travel. When you are visiting foreign countries, there are some diseases peculiar to certain countries so it is important to get vaccinated. Check which diseases your destination country insists you get inoculated against before making your trip.


If you get really ill or in a terrible accident

Head on over to a doctor or get in touch with your country’s embassy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help respectfully.


Safe Travels!




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